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The Best Latos Plans of Strikes and Men Often Go Awry...Reds Lose, 8-5.

Dare I leader?
Dare I leader?

The Reds left 25 men on base tonight in total, and through 5 innings, they'd left 18 men on (as compared to, at the time, just 3 for St. Louis). That's a good way to ensure that you're going to lose regardless of what your pitching staff manages.

That's the definition of frustrating. Paging Joey Votto...

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Todd Frazier continues to impress me, you, and everyone located in a state that's not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Frazier went 3 for 4 tonight with a walk and a run scored, upping his season line to .298/.357/.560. I thought he'd be solid, I thought he'd be a valuable player, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision him being 10th in the National League in OPS with barely over a month to go in the regular season (Min. 350 PA).

Juan Francisco currently sits at .253/.299/.463. Thank you, Walt Jocketty.

The supergrover Memorial Honorary Red Reporter of the Gamethread

Pops Daniels, this is yours. You realize, of course, that since you brought up the concept of Red Reporter Retirement the Reds have gone 0 and 2, right? You realize that you currently carry the entire burden of vintage vulgarity and edgy humor that once drove this site now that Farneyismycopilot, Geki, and Fat Vegas Alan no longer roam these halls, right? Do you realize how clean-cut, unoriginal, normal, and Redslosey this place would be?

You earned this honor tonight, but you've earned our pleas to stick around over an illustrious 5 years around here. Don't do it, dude. Not yet at least.

Key Plays

  • The Reds struck early in this one and had numerous early opportunities to put it farther out of reach than they did. Zack Cozart led off the game with his 31st double of the season, Drew Stubbs walked, and Brandon Phillips singled to RF to score Cozart. Ryan Ludwick grounded into a double play, which was unfortunate, but it managed to plate a second Reds run. Reds led, 2-0.
  • The Cards scored one in the Top of the 2nd, as Allen Craig and Yadier Molina singled and Craig scored when David Freese grounded into a double play. The Reds countered in the bottom half of the inning, however, after Frazier walked, Rolen singled, and Ryan Hanigan hit a sac fly. Reds led, 3-1.
  • Phillips and Ludwick led off the 3rd with singles, which chased Cards starter Lance Lynn. Frazier then singled in Phillips, but after Rolen reached on an error both Hanigan and Latos struck out to end the threat. Reds led, 4-1.
  • The back and forth continued into the 4th, as Molina singled, advanced on a Latos wild pitch, and scored on a Freese single. In the 5th the Reds countered, again, as Bruce singled, Frazier singled, and Bruce scored on a Rolen double. Reds led, 5-2.
  • This is a pretty good place to tell you to watch this, get in bed, and wake up tomorrow anticipating a Reds/Cardinals matchup.
  • For those of you masochists out there who didn't heed my suggestions, I present you with the 6th inning. Beltran and Holliday led off with singles, and Craig hit a 3-run homer to CF. Molina then followed with a solo shot to RF. Latos walked Freese, and that was it for him. Alfredo Simon came on, but the damage didn't stop, as Schumaker singled, both runners advanced on Simon's wild pitch, Furcal singled, and Carpenter the lesser hit a sac fly before Simon finally managed to escape. Cards led, 8-5, and that was that for the scoring. Reds lose. Sigh.



Other Notes

  • To add to the pain of the Cardinals scoring 6 runs in the 6th inning, the first 5 Reds batters to come to the plate afterwards struck out swinging. Ruff.
  • Jay Bruce saw 19 pitches in his 5 plate appearances tonight. He swung at 15 of them. Is that a lot? That seems like a lot.
  • Drew Stubbs over the last 14 days: 10 for 54 with 2 walks and 21 strikeouts. He's at .227/.293/.374 on the season and has absolutely, positively no business being anywhere near the top of the lineup. Remember when he had those 2 hot weeks in July and it looked like Cozart was the black-hole at the top of the lineup? Cozart now has an OPS 42 points higher than Stubbs.
  • Feeling post-punk alt-angsty but more sad/distant than outright angry? Me too. Have this. And for that matter, check out these guys.
  • Y'know, tonight's loss was a bummer, especially given how well the Reds chased Lance Lynn early. Of course, nothing can change this love I have for my Reds. Go get 'em tomorrow, guys.