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Red Reposter: Golem is going, going, gone (for now)

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"I know we'll meet again some sunny day."
"I know we'll meet again some sunny day."

Sheldon: "Reds send rookie Mesoraco to Triple-A"

Devin Mesoraco was certainly struggling in recent weeks, but his demotion still came as a surprise to many. The hyped rookie has slashed only .210/.287/.352 in 181 plate appearances this season. On the bright side, Sheldon reports that Joey Votto continues to proceed with his rehab activities. According to Reds trainer, Paul Lessard, Votto's "been hitting in the cage, running and taking ground balls."

Redleg Nation: "The Playoff Roster and Devin Mesoraco"

Greg Dafler confirms that Devin Mesoraco will still be available for the postseason roster. A team can ask the Commissioner's office for permission to substitute a healthy player in the organization for an injured player on the team's playoff roster. In this case, the Reds could replace Ryan Madson with Mesoraco. Dafler also reports that Dusty Baker and the Reds plan to place Mesoraco on the postseason roster.

Fay: "6 things about tonight's game"

John Fay takes a quick look at last night's loss and provides us with a few observations. The most telling fact is that "[t]he Reds had no hits over the last five innings." That's a pretty good way to lose a game that goes to extra innings.

McCoy: "A long night of frustrations"

McCoy complains about the Reds leaving men on base and the bullpen allowing runs.

Seedlings to Stars: "Just How Good Can Billy Hamilton Be?"

Robbie Knopf adds his name to the list of people who drool over a certain Reds prospect.

Keith Groller: "Hall of Fame broadcaster isn't looking for friends"

Marty Brennaman is a curmudgeon who says what he thinks.

The 700 Level: "Why Do You Still Boo Scott Rolen?"

One Phillies blog examines Philadelphia's hatred of Scotty Ballgame. The blogger concludes that Phillies fans should probably move on with their lives.

THE BOOK BLOG: "One of the worst managerial moves I have seen in 40 years watching baseball..."

MGL complains about Dusty Baker's decision to let Homer Bailey hit in the seventh inning of Tuesday's game.