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Game 125 Preview & Thread: Reds @ Phillies (7:05 EDT). Arroyo vs. Worley. *90s Night*

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Andy Lyons

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Philadelphia Phillies

Wednesday, Aug 22, 1991, 7:05 PM EDT
Veteran's Stadium

Tom Browning vs Tommy Greene


TV: SportsChannel Ohio, PRISM; RADIO: WLW, WPHT


Mostly clear. Game time temperature around 50. Thankfully, I haven't heard about global warming yet. If it's something that exists, I can only imagine it will be solved before the end of this century.

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Cowabunga, everyone. I wasn't able to tune into the game until after it ended last night and since I only saw a wide short of the stadium, I couldn't tell whether they were playing this series at Riverfront or the Vet. After opening a print newspaper this morning - while enjoying another boombastic bowl of Hidden Treasures - I found out it was an away series.

At least it isn't one of those totally whack West Coast trips when the game finishes after my bedtime, I fall asleep during the Big Payoff Inning and then I have to call that grungified number they put in the Enquirer the next day to find out the score. Bogus. Wake up, people, It's time to move it or lose it.

Things are pretty cajunga in Reds Country these days. World Series? "Been there, done that." (Do you like that turn of phrase? I saw it on an brightly-colored shirt. And then I saw it on a slap bracelet. I admit, I caught "BTDT fever" to go with my baseball fever.) I'm swept up in the success of this team, just like the Reds swept those Oaktown A's. Tony LaRussa's club was hella embarrassed, weren't they? I'd guess that's the last we see of that fart-knocker. Reality bites.

I hate to sound naive (which is Evian backwards), but it's hard not to be optimistic these days. The economy is booming and we seem to have left the days of crushing debt and fiscal bubbles behind. The Reds are loaded with talent and their best player will be in town indefinitely. They've got a five-tool centerfielder and 3B who, despite starting his MLB career at 26, is a Rookie of the Year. Only the Expos' franchise stands in their way. But it's going to take a real force to slow those monsters of the Eastern division down - a labor dispute, relocation or even some kind of "innings limit" on their best players. Let's get creative here: it's the 90s.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this UseNet post. I know it's a lot of text to load, even with a 14K modem. I tried to get on Encarta to see if there were any historical pictures of the Reds I could use, but I couldn't find that weird cartridge I have to put the CD in first - which will have seemed like a terrible idea soon. And I have my Zip drive hooked up to the SCSI anyways. Yada Yada Yada.

Boo ya, Reds, they're my favorite team. I like them even better than the Cincinnati Rockers, Cincinnati Stuff and Cincinnati Silverbacks!

P.S.: I hope nu-metal doesn't get invented.



Chris Sabo 3B
Hal Morris 1B
Barry Larkin SS
Eric Davis CF
Paul O'Neil RF
Billy Hatcher LF
Bill Doran 2B
Jeff Reed C
Tom Browning P


Lenny Dykstra CF
Mickey Morandini 2B
Wes Chamberlin LF
John Kruk 1B
Dale Murphy RF
Darren Daulton C
Dave Hollins 3B
Dickie Thon SS
Tommy Green P