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Gamethread, Part Deux: Turn Cliff Lee's Name into Homer...So That it's a Bad Name for Their Pitcher

Dealin' DeWitt.
Dealin' DeWitt.

Uncharacteristically bad defense has plagued the Reds lately, and tonight was no different. BP's first inning error led to an unearned run scored by Jimmy Rollins in the 1st. Since then, David DeWitt has settled down, but the Reds will have to up the offense to break Cliff Lee.

As a side note, the Reds and Phillies are wearing throwback jerseys tomorrow for their 7 pm game...and the jerseys will be from 1991. Therefore, Red Reporter will be celebrating 90's day all day tomorrow. Tune in early and often for all of the stuff half of us thought was cool before the other half of you were born.

Go Reds! Score some runs and you'll be my favorite team!

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