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"It was for charity": My personal avatar doomsday

We've surpassed our first $250 plateau in the Red Reporter Pledge Drive, so in fulfillment of one of my own pledges, I asked for nominations for a signature/avatar change that I would be forced to make. I figured more of you would turn out for the chance to humiliate me. But maybe I "accidentally" scheduled that post right before a bunch of other posts.

In any case, it's time to vote. And time for me to face my fate alone. If anyone confronts me about it, I'll just loudly yell, "It was for charity!"

The pledge drive is trucking onto $500, so let's get on with it.

The nominees:

Follow the link to see the photo, posted in the nomination thread.

PHOTO: Sleeping dog with caption, "TL;DR"

SIGNATURE "At least I'm not out on the streets causing trouble."

-- Cy Schourek

SIGNATURE: "I'm a big fan of oatmeal. But, like, don't give me any of that instant shit in a packet. That's kid stuff, bro. Gimme the steel cut. The real stuff. And some fresh fruit. Ahhhh yeah, you gotta go with fresh. It's the only way. Some fresh peaches, a splash of real cream. Half and half? Maybe if you got half a brain. Some fools will tell you that you gotta sweeten with molasses. Pffff, I say let ‘em. Pure maple syrup is the only way for me. I dunno. I guess I'm a little wild like that."

-- Charlie Scrabbles

PHOTO: Homer Bailey & Logan Ondrusek meeting a giraffe

-- BubbaFan

PHOTO: Thom Brennaman headshot

SIGNATURE: "Thom Brennaman's #1 fan!"

-- pack_fan

PHOTO: Chris Carpenter stretching

-- DerekH91