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Organizational Injury Report - Still Waiting for Joey but Still Winning Anyway

The last week was pretty quiet on the injury front. Joey Votto has a new expected return date on August 24, but as KMIB pointed out in the recap, the Reds have gone 24-10 in his absence. That's a .706 winning percentage, which is pretty incredible even when you consider the strength of opposition. Votto will not be making the road trip with the team to Philadelphia. He has been taking grounders and running (but not sliding), as we saw before last night's game during Reds Live. Dusty Baker says he is hopeful about Votto being able to return for the Cardinals series following the roadtrip in Philadelphia, but his actual quote doesn't make me a believer: "I don't know; I'm always hopeful."

Scott Rolen returned to the lineup on August 15 after missing 8 days with a balky back. It's good that he's back, because his soreness was contributing to a situation where the Reds were playing as many as four players short (not even counting Cairo! OK, I gotta stop piling on). Rolen, Wilson Valdez, Sam Lecure, and Jonathon Broxton were all out of commission for various lengths of overlapping time. Sam Lecure missed a week with shoulder soreness, but he returned for the doubleheader August 18.

Nick Masset continues to progress in his rehab at AAA. He expects to throw one more single inning game, and then attempt back-to-back games and see how he fares in that test. Everyone has stopped bothering with a timeline for this situation, but it is hoped that Masset will throw pitches for the Big League club this season.

In the minor leagues, Bill Rhinehart, outfielder for AAA Louisville, went on the 7-day DL August 12. I don't know why.