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Homer is Still a Bad Name for a Pitcher. Mets Hammer Bailey, Reds 8-4.

This looks like one of those staged, black & white 1960's baseball cards.
This looks like one of those staged, black & white 1960's baseball cards.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Jay Bruce truly appears to be hitting his stride again after a prolonged slump. While he didn't continue his homer streak into a 4th consecutive game, he did manage 2 doubles and an RBI. If Bruce manages to get hot, Votto comes back, and Rolen is successfully duct taped together, this team can manage any possible regression by Frazier or Ludwick and still dominate. That's heartening, is it not?

That was about it, unfortunately.

The supergrover Memorial Honorary Red Reporter of the Gamethread

Despite the lackluster play, tonight's threads were pretty solid. SaltyBalls McGee graced us with his (their?) presence, the finest muffins filled us in on what sounded like a delightful dinner, Yossarian took existentialism (or lack thereof) to some strange land, we all debated the merits of an offseason with either Youkilis, Swisher, or Luddy, and we all though of our favorite beer related songs.

The honor, however, goes to CommiePuddin, who was totally on point tonight from start to finish. Dropping Dana Carvey references never hurts your chances, by the way.

Key Plays

  • Things were quiet until the top of the 4th. Ike Davis led off with a solo donk, and after Jason "freaking" Bay singled and the Reds walked Shoppach intentionally, pitcher Matt Harvey doubled them both in. Bad turned to worse in the 6th, as Jason "freaking" Bay homered, Shoppach reached on a Rolen error, Ruben Tejada doubled, and Mike "Punted" Baxter singled. Mets led, 6-0.
  • In the 7th, Phillips doubled and later scored on Bruce's first double. Mets led, 6-1.
  • Jose Arredondo wasted no time in letting the Mets tack on more runs. David Wright walked, and Ike Davis followed with an RBI double. A groundout and an error later, Davis scored. Mets led, 8-1.
  • The Reds did their best to claw back in the bottom of the ninth. Ryan Ludwick took Frank "Frank!" Francisco deep to right, Bruce doubled, Frazier walked, Cairo singled (!!), and Cozart doubled to make it a 4 run game, but big-bench-bat Wilson Valdez promptly struck out on three pitches to end the rally. Reds lose, 8-4.



Other Notes

  • The Cubs come to town tomorrow for a 3 day, 4 game set. Bronson Arroyo will take the hill opposite former Red Travis Wood at 7:10 pm ET.
  • Great band, greater live band, greatastic tune. Their singer/guitarist went to my high school, too, and I kinda like that.
  • Homer's struggled mightily of late. He hasn't made it past through 6 innings in any of his last 4 starts, giving up 4, 4, 4, and 6 ER in each. The race for the 3rd playoff starter is on.
  • On a slightly more bob-your-head note, this NSFW track always makes me wiggle.