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Reds wRiting Klassix - On the Road '76

This is now.
This is now.

There are a lot of gems buried in the Cincinnati Magazine archives, accessible through Google Books. In particular, there are some pretty great photos of the Big Red Machine you seldom see reprinted.

In the July 1976 issue, the magazine went on the road with the Reds. This article has everything: charmingly grainy B&W photos of the Reds in leisure suits, comparisons of baseball players to "nuveau-riche business professionals," and the 1976 future back-to-back champs' room assignments:

Perez & Concepcion
Foster & Griffey
Driessen & Armbrister
Gullett & Nolan
Eastwick & McEnaney
Lum & Zachry
Plummer & Youngblood
Flynn & Darcy
Geronimo & Alcala


The singles seem to be mostly apportioned by seniority, except that Perez was the second-oldest on the team (to Rose) and broke into the league 4 years before Billingham. Perhaps Perez & Concepcion's late night hotel chats lead to their creation of the "one-bounce throw" that took AstroTurf by storm-drain.

The article also makes reference to Ring Lardner, comparing Sparky Anderson to a character from one of the writer's baseball stories. I'm making the article into several articles of clothing that I can wear all at once.