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RR Klassix: Playoff hopes dashed, playoff hopes revived

Thankfully, Joey wasn't a member of the 2006 Reds.
Thankfully, Joey wasn't a member of the 2006 Reds.

Still throwing out beer cans and smut in the Red Reporter attic in an effort to find banker's boxes that aren't filled with more beer cans. Someone recently informed me that the entire Red Reporter archive is hosted online, but I'm doing this the old way. You'll all be sorry when there's a power outage and I'm the only one with access to the analog internet.

Here's what I've dug up lately:

"Playoff hopes" - JD Arney (August 11, 2006)
JD wrote a dispiriting, but ultimately correct appraisal of the Reds' chances in mid-August 2006. They were three and a half games back of first on August 11 of that year. They would claw their way to a tie for first by August 24. But JD called it right - after trading a way some key cogs in the offense, run production ultimately sunk to below league average, to go along with below league-average run prevention.

The 2006 team was an interesting, if disappointing experiment in cromulence:

  • It's probably a bad indicator for the rest of the offense that David Ross lead the team in OPS+. He had a monster year.
  • A sign of the era: Bronson Arroyo had a very good year, with a 142 ERA+, despite giving up 31 HRs (more than Eric Milton).
  • Looking at the eight guys who got the most starting time in the field in 2006, 3 are out of baseball (FeLo, Griffey, Hatteberg), one is still with the Reds (BP), two are ranked #2 and #3 in the AL in HRs this season (Dunn and Encarnacion, respectively). Kearns and Ross went on to respectable careers as part time players.

On an up-note, two years a go, the Reds were also using a Joey Votto departure (this time, an ejection) as fuel. They found their winning legs again by sweeping the Marlins after being swept by the Cardinals in the Brawl Series. That was the game an injured Orlando Cabrera served as bat-boy. See, you didn't hate him after all did you? And even though there's no doubt that Zack Cozart is a better shortstop by at least a win, he's still below the O-Cab line (.303 OBP in '10).

Also, nearly two years a go (August 17, 2010), Devin Mesoraco made his debut in AAA.