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A Reds Pitcher Needs To Kick the Reds' Batters and Inform Them It's not Yet the All-Star Break. Reds lose, 4-1.

The Reds still didn't score enough runs for the Reds to beat the opposition.
The Reds still didn't score enough runs for the Reds to beat the opposition.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star(s) of the Game

Aaron Harang. The big righthander was pitch efficient, needing only 84 to get through his 7 IP tonight. He allowed only 1 ER, 3 hits, and a single BB while striking out 5. A solid start Harang.

Damnit. He's a Dodger now, isn't he? Grrrr.

In that case, Mike Leake gets the nod. Leake tossed 7 innings as well, striking out 5 Dodgers while walking none and allowing only 2 ER on 6 hits. He's got his ERA down to 4.01, folks, and is poised to finish up his 2012 season like he did his 2011 season.

Honorable mention is due to no Red, as no one reached base more than once, and only 4 Reds did even that. Very, very, very, VERY Honorable Mention is due, however, to our Revolutionary brethren, without whom we wouldn't be allowed to bitch at each other about election attack ads, argue about the validity of global warming, complain about whether Fox News or the Daily Show is more biased, or discuss the merits of whether Sean Hannity or James Carville is actually the devil. Bless you, boys.

Key Plays

  • Mike Leake got off to a rough start, as 3 runs scored in the bottom of the 1st. Dee Gordon doubled, and then scored on Cruz's single. Bobby Abreu singled, and then the worst regular 1B in baseball over the last 3 seasons singled in Cruz. Zack Cozart allowed an unearned 3rd run to score, and the Reds were in a hole out of which they weren't capable of climbing.
  • In the top of the 5th, Devin Mesoraco honked a solo Honker's Ale to LF to put the Reds on the board. Dodgers lead, 3-1.
  • It's the 4th of July, y'all!
  • Dodgers tacked on an insurance run in the 8th, and the Reds mustered no rally. Reds lose, 4-1.
  • This still kicks ass, though, and was the 2nd song I ever memorized as a kid (after Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World.")

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Other Notes

  • Reds lose the rubber match and, therefore, the series to the Dodgers. Off to San DiWeezego for 3 more!
  • I know this guy. His music is awesome, and therefore he gets the nod for tunes of the evening. Look him up.
  • Enjoy your fireworks, folks!