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To Whomever Is Buying Madville a Beer: Buy Chris Buckley One, Too. Reds Defeat Dodgers, 8-2.

Singled Out began 16 years ago, and instead of Jenny McCarthy, the Dodgers picked this guy to throw out a pitch.  C'mon, Magic.
Singled Out began 16 years ago, and instead of Jenny McCarthy, the Dodgers picked this guy to throw out a pitch. C'mon, Magic.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star(s) of the Game

2012 Chris Buckley just reached to his right, grabbed the handle on his deluxe La-Z-Boy, cranked it back, and smiled at the 2007 version of himself. Tonight, he saw his 2007 first round draft pick, his 2007 supplemental first round draft pick, and 2007 second round draft pick combine to go 6 for 10 with a 2B, 3B, and 6 RBI. Devin Mesoraco, Todd Frazier, and Zack Cozart not only delivered tonight, but they are showing that they're capable of being a solid, low-cost complimentary foundation to what should be a hell of a Reds run over the next 3 to 5 years. Good on ya, Buck.

Very, very, very, I know BubbaFan is already disagreeing with this, very, very honorable mention to Homer Bailey, who went 8 strong innings tonight. Hoss tossed 115 pitches over 8 innings, the last of which was a 97 mph fastball for a strikeout. Look, had the rookie class not collectively performed like they did, he'd get the nod, hands down; that said, the rookies kicked tail, and when you factor in that Kemp and Ethier weren't involved, Homie had to settle for some honorable mention tonight. No shame in it, however, as David DeWitt threw some serious gas.

Key Plays

  • Things didn't look terribly promising early on. In the bottom of the 1st, Homer fell victim to Cherry Hudson, Jr. with a wanger-honker bat! Awhh, shucks. Dodgers lead, 1-0.
  • The Dodgers tacked on another run in the 2nd, as James Loney scored after Andy Van Slyke, Jay Bell, Doug Drabek, and Jose Cruz threw together a few hits. Holy hell, I'm old...that was actually Scott Van Slyke, Luis Cruz, and another run off of Homer. Dodgers lead, 2-0.
  • Remember how the title of this post said the Dodger scored just 2 runs? Yeah, well, that's, like, the truth, man. The Reds played some serious late-game rally-time fun-time, scoring all 8 of their runs from the 6th inning on. Todd Frazier had huge hits; Devin Mesoraco had huge hits; Zack Cozart got hit hugely in the head by a Billingsley fastball (more later); Jay Bruce got some hits; in all, it was an amazingly solid all-around effort by a team that was missing Joey Votto from the middle of their lineup. Reds win, 8-2!


Other Notes

  • Cozart was 2 for 2 before being beaned in the noggin by Billingsley. He left the game, and will likely sit out at least tomorrow.
  • Tonight's tunes. Homeyman!
  • In 223 AB in 2012, Bryce Harper has 8 HR, 22 RBI, 4 3B, and an .819 OPS. In 162 AB in 2012, Todd Frazier has 8 HR, 27 RBI, 5 3B, and a .906 OPS. HYPE THIS MAN!