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Farmers Only: Moonshine and Noodles

I like cantaloupe...
I like cantaloupe...
  • Louisville lost to the Bisons, 10-7, as MelliFLewis made the hits flow like honey, going 4-4 against his sort of former team. Todd Redmond's second start in the Reds org didn't go quite as well as his first, giving up 5 earned on 9 hits in 5 1/3 innings. He did strike out 8 to his 1 walk though, so there's that. Whatever, Paul Janish still has wrists so noodley they make Mario Batali blush. Jordan Smith continued his one-man-quest to prove that SSS is indeed a thing, giving up 4 runs in his 2 relief innings, and newest Red Will Ohhhhhhhman must be rusty, as he walked 2 and gave up a run in his 2/3s. Not a ton of excitement offensively, despite the 7 runs. Cody Puckett totally chucked it to left field with two on base in the eighth to make it interesting, but the Bats still fell. H-Rod had 2 hits and Didi Didin't mash any tater croquettes, though he did hit a double off a Germen (Gonzalo Germen, to be exact). Neftali Soto and--go figure--Todd "Walter" Redmondale also each had dos hits. Up next: Tim Gustafson (3-3, 5.11) faces Buffalo at 7:05
  • Pensacola lost, 3-2, to the Huntsville Stupids, despite a bounceback performance from Daniel Corcino. Lil' Cueezy went six innings, giving up 2 runs on 5 hits, walking just one and striking out 5. A far cry from Johnny Cueto, to be sure, but encouraging nonetheless. Donald Lutz kaiserhof'd his way out of his slump, going 3-4 with a smoked blutwurst and a svei-base hit (that means a double, for all of you that aren't in my head). No one else did much, really...I mean, Billy Hamilton reached base twice (single, walk), but didn't steal. Call it Double-ADT, because Billy ain't stealin' like he used to. Up next: JC Sulburan (6-7, 4.08) takes on the Stars at 8:05.
  • Bakersfield, despite managing 10 hits (3 more than their opponent), lost 7-1 to San Jose. The Balze (not a typo) were 1-12 with RISP. Ouch. Kurtis Muller and Devin Lohman each had two hits atop the order, but no one else did much besides hit meaningless, un-clutch singles. Daniel Renken started and pitched a gem, going 7 scoreless and leaving with a 1-0 lead, but Chris Joyce and Pat Doyle proceeded to vomit meatball after meatball toward the opposing batters, and then the game was over and Bakersfield had lost by 6 runs. Whaddyagunnado? Up next: Someone faces the Ports at 10:05 your time.
  • Dayton beat the Loons 3-2, as Ryan Wright and James Allen combined their powers and Captain Planet'd Great Lakes. Jim-Al tossed 7 pristine frames, giving up a measly single and a walk, and oh-oh-oh-whoa-oh the Wright stuff hit two singles and scored a run as the Dragons smaw-bawwed their way to another elusive victory. These games are never exciting, so Allen's performance is particularly commendable (that, and the fact that he held Great Lakes 1B O'Koyea Dickson and C Pratt Maynard hitless. Those are two heavy duty names). Oh, and Jeffry Sierra went on the DL. Up next: The one and only Robert Stephenson makes his A-ball debut against Great Lakes at 7:05. Tune in, folks, should be fun!
  • Billings was off. Someone will take Bob Steve's turn in the rotation against Helena at 9:05.
  • The AZL Reds were defeated by Michael Ynoa and the AZL Athletics, 7-2. Nick Travieso left one up in the zone, but a solo homer was the only hit he allowed in 2 innings, walking no one and striking out 2. It's exciting that he's already pitching in our organization. 2012 29th-round RF Adam Matthews had two singles, and "Don't Cry for Me" Argenis Aldazoro had a 2 run triple. Tanner Rahier walked and singled, so that's cool too. Up next: A bunch of kids will throw a couple innings each against some recent Dodgers draftees at 10.