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Red Reposter - Has Drew Stubbs' lifeSpan increased?

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The Reds have kicked some tires at or near Denard Span
Walt Jocketty suggested in today's Enquirer that the Reds' strategy at the deadline had eased up based on the recent performance of the team, though Denard still fits the stated goal of a top-of-the-order guy. If the rumor about the Reds rejected an Ondrusek-Victorino trade straight up is anything close to the truth, the Reds may just be looking for bench help and pitching depth. Hopefully, Jocko is weighing the quality of the Reds' recent competition.

Always level-headed, Texarkana Slim sums up his strategy for reaching the World Series
"If we get down, we come back. If we get the lead, we hold it. I think it's a combination of us playing good baseball and getting the lucky bounce. That's what it take to win a championship." Stubbs might be the most zen of all Reds. I rarely see him crack a frown after an inning-ending K and I think I saw him reaching enlightenment under a tree once.

Paul Daughety has prepared a piece of Red Reporterian speculative sports fiction for you
DENVER, Colo. (AP) — On Friday night, the Cincinnati Reds became the first team in Major League history to rally from a 9-0 deficit with two outs in the 9th inning. Their stunning 10-9 decision over the Colorado Rockies was capped by Todd Frazier’s grand-slam...

OMGReds celebrates BP's high socks
Which were worn last night to keep himself entertained on his off-day and possibly to keep blood from pooling in his legs? According to the FSO commentary last night, BP's mother vetoed the look earlier in his career due to chicken leg syndrome. OMG also does a little recapping ere, though I don't know if anyone has gotten to the bottom of the Chris Johnson-Homer Bailey spat last night. If Johnson said "punk-ass," as lip-reading suggests, then maybe Homer was doing some wicked skate tricks on his property or something.

C-ing Red looks over the Reds' chart to monitor their Votto deficiency
The Reds performed better than expected in the run-scoring department, though they've probably been a little lucky over their last 10 games. Xavier Paul, a sidenote in the aftermath of Votto's injury, has been one of the bit players helping keep the team more than afloat. I'm not sure what to make of him yet, but he's 27, left-handed and has a super-Jesuit double-saint name. That's good enough for me. With Stubbs' uptick and the current stable of guys, do the Reds need to go get an outfielder?

Harball Times details Adam Dunn's feats
which include creeping up on 400 HRs (he's currently at 395). Linden isn't advocating for Dunn's enshrinement, but I think there's an argument to be made - unless you believe the defensive metrics Baseball Reference uses, in which case, he doesn't have much more of a case than Austin Kearns.