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Red Reporter Interviews Barry Larkin: Hall of Fame Induction

Jim McIsaac

In many ways, my idolization of Barry Larkin developed because there was symmetry between his career and my life. Larkin is exactly 20 years older than me. His career with the Reds organization began the year after I was born and ended the year I turned 20 years old. When I was just beginning to understand the game of baseball, Larkin was leading the Reds to the 1990 World Series Championship. He won the National League MVP award when I was 11 years old. Those of us born in the early-to-mid ‘80s have no memory of any Reds team before Barry Larkin.

Barry joined us to talk about his Hall of Fame induction, his role with the Capital One Cup, and much more.

Audio and link after the jump.

Red Reporter & Barry Larkin