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Game 98 Preview & Thread: Reds @ Astros (8:05 EDT). Bailey vs. Norris.

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Houston Astros

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012, 8:05 PM EDT
Minute Maid Park

Homer Bailey vs Bud Norris


TV: FSO-HD, FSH-HD; RADIO: WLW, KTRH, KLAT; WEB:, Gameday Audio, Gameday


Indoors, but very little collective body heat. So probably cold, right?

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Quite possibly the only thing negative thing about the Reds' winning spree is that it might convince management not to do much of anything at the deadline. I think this would be a mistake, though I could be persuaded otherwise. Depth is still a problem. The Pirates are making moves. And, as much as you'd like to, you can't say the Cardinals are out of it yet.

One reason not to start making knee-jerk trades is if you think things like Homer Bailey's step forward are real. There are some reasons to believe it's more of a half step (FIP, xFIP are higher than his ERA and say he's a similar pitcher to Bud Norris) and other reasons (his break, his velocity, his control) to believe he really has leveled-up. The Reds front office has already made their decisions on what they think the team's talent level and we'll have a good idea what those are within 5 days.

The Reds go for their 6th series sweep of the season. Sibilance.

Lineups and bullpen log after the jump.

Homer Bailey Stats Bud Norris
3.74 (111) ERA (ERA+) 5.33 (75)
1.271 WHIP 1.474
2.93 K/BB 2.35
4.28 FIP 4.35
4.17 xFIP 4.12
4.12 SIERA 3.91
120.1 IP 96.1



Zack Cozart (R) SS
Drew Stubbs (R) CF
Jay Bruce (L) RF
Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
Scott Rolen (R) 3B
Todd Frazier (R) 1B
Wilson Valdez (R) 2B
Devin Mesoraco (R) C
Homer Bailey (R) P


Marwin Gonzalez (S) SS
Jose Altuve (R) 2B
Justin Maxwell (R) CF
Chris Johnson (R) 3B
Scott Moore (L) 1B
J.D. Martinez (R) LF
Brian Bogusevic (L) RF
Carlos Corporan (S) C
Bud Norris (R) P

Bullpen Log

Reliever 7/20 7/21 7/22 7/23 7/24 5 day totals
Aroldis Chapman 1.0, 13p 1.0, 20p 1.0, 14p 3.0 IP, 47 pitches
Sean Marshall 0.2, 10p 1.2, 27p
2.1 IP, 47 pitches
Logan Ondrusek 1.0, 11p 1.0, 12p 2.0 IP, 23 pitches
Jose Arredondo 0.2, 13p 1.0, 15p
1.2 IP, 28 pitches
Sam LeCure 0.2, 5p 1.0, 36p
1.2 IP, 41 pitches
Alfredo Simon 0 IP,0 pitches
Bill Bray 0.1, 13p
0.1 IP, 13 pitches