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Red o' the Week meets with exasperated Richard Schiff to discuss their shared exasperation at the Reds' success without Joey Votto

"I'M RUNNINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!"  Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE
"I'M RUNNINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

RotW - Hey exasperated Richard Schiff, what do you think of the Reds' success without Joey Votto?

eRS - ...

RotW - ...??

eRS - ...!!

RotW - ...I know, right?

So yeah, Joey Votto has been out for a week or so and the Reds are 6-2 without him. I don't know. You figure it out. This week's noms:

Brandon Phillips

El Beeperino has taken on the mantle of lineup linchpin in Votto's absence, and he's taken to it quite nicely. He's got his stockings all hung up there, a cute little clock that his grandma passed down to him, and an old-timey picture of his family from that time they went to Kings Island and all dressed up like cowboys and saloon girls. He has four extra-base hits, eight RBIs, and six runs scored over the last week. He's also swiped two bases. He is swinging a very hot bat right now.

Ryan Ludwick

He is the Robin to Phillips' Batman, the Sharkboy to his Lavagirl, the seahorse with a saddle on its back to his Aquaman, the Ducky to his Ernie. Asses are being kicked, and names are being taken. Ducky has started every game in LF for a solid week and has capitalized on the opportunity. He slashed .320/.370/.680 over the last seven calendar days, including two Honk Williams Jrs and three doubles. He's also driven in seven. His recent torrid streak has lifted his season numbers above Jay Bruce's, making Ducky the Reds most productive OF this season on a a per-PA basis. Some may read that as an indictment of Bruce, but not me. This team now boasts two solidly above-average OFs and - I don't want to jinx it or anything - and maybe perhaps we're hoping gosh wouldn't it be awesome if a real answer to the LF question. Keep the quack attack jacked, mack.

Scott Rolen

Old Man Stremph! Rolen had five hits in the five games he started this past week, and four went for extra bases. That's two doubles, a triple, and a homer for an OPS of 1.150. I worry he may not be able to stay fresh enough playing so much in Votto's absence, but it's clear the old man ain't dead yet.

Johnny Cueto

He do what he do. In two starts this past week, he threw 13 innings and only allowed one stinkin' little run. He was especially impressive against the Brewers on Sunday, as Dusty ran out a punchless getaway day lineup. No big deal though, as Johnny eviscerated the Brewers for seven innings, striking out nine and limiting them to just one run. There's your ace, that's an ace.

Aroldis Chapman

Chapman won this thing in our last go-round, garnering 41% of the vote and edging out a strong showing from Homer Bailey (he's nominated again, too btw). El Buena Wrist-a Crucial Sub continues to deep-six opposing hitters. 3.1 innings, seven strikeouts, four saves. I haven't really heard any chatter on the CompuServe mainframes about him being a possible Cy Young contender. I wonder when that will start.

Homer Bailey

Ol' Hoss wrangled the Brewers somethin' fierce on Friday, striking out 10 over eight dominant innings. His ERA is now #2 on the starting staff, thanks to a brilliant July. He has a 9/1 K/BB and a 1.76 ERA for the month.

Logan Ondrusek

Big Lurch has been every bit as busy as Chapman down there in the 'pen, as he was called upon four times by Dusty Baker last week. He was just as dominant as Chapman, but in the exact opposite way. He only struck out two batters in his four innings of work, but he only allowed two baserunners.

So I guess there's your explanation. How does a team win without Joey Votto? Have a half-dozen or so guys step up and play like Joey Votto. They should do this all the time.