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Red Reposter: Big Red MaSHEEN Edition

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  • Joey Votto is going to be out for a few weeks, which could lead to changes for the Reds according to Tom Verducci at Verducci notes the obvious; Joey Votto is very important to the Reds success. The silver lining? Votto will likely miss just three games against winning teams. And hey, will finally get to see Todd Frazier every day... right???
  • Interesting take on Votto's surgery, from the folks at Baseball Prospectus:

    "We questioned the story about Joey Votto’s inflammation being caused by a slide back on July 2; we believed that if the injury did occur acutely, it was more likely indicative of a cartilage or tendon injury. Now, we find out that Votto will need surgery to correct a meniscus tear in his knee and will be placed on the DL. Some reports have him out for only two weeks, but it usually takes about 10 days for the incisions to heal. He will more likely be out for three to four weeks, which is still better than the average 80 days for first baseman. The timeline could change based on the outcome of the surgery, because if doctors have to directly repair the torn meniscus instead of trimming out the torn portions, Votto could miss six weeks or more."
  • Doug Gray at takes a look at the impact Votto's injury will have on the system.
  • Todd Redmond (acquired in the Paul Janish trade) looks like he'll be joining the team tonight, according to his agents, Jet Sports Management. It makes sense given the fact that Alfredo Simon will be unavailable and Cueto is pitching with a lingering blister issue. Mike Costanzo will have to wait...
  • Charlie Sheen vs. Joe Morgan, Reds Trivia! I'm not sure if it is awesome or depressing that Charlie Sheen is the most famous Reds fan.
  • Also from Baseball Prospectus, a short scouting report on the fastest man in the world:

    "SS Billy Hamilton: Slight frame, but improved strength; impressive in cage; hit opposite field home run (RH/LF); loose swing; excellent coverage; shows a knack for contact; can sting live pitching; can catch up to velocity; a little noisy in the box; premature swing trigger; could run into trouble against good secondary stuff/sequence; was impressed with actual swing; continues to take steps forward; hit tool should be plus; shows pop, but raw power is below average; speed is clearly best attribute; best singular tool in baseball; elite; base running is loose, but quickness/speed disguises minor footwork/awareness issues; not a fan of defensive skill set at shortstop; arm is average; accuracy is below; actions are fringy; athleticism makes it look better; profile could improve through repetition; impact player at major league level thanks to elite speed, contact ability; needs to continue to add strength and improve approach at the plate; first-division player; must-see talent."
  • The Pirates have a chance to grab the NL Central, according to Fox Sports writer Jon Paul Morosi. The Pirates have made believers out of many, but I still have my doubts. While they play terrifically in Pittsburgh, they can't seem to win on the road. Their rotation is full of overachievers who are unlikely to sustain the current rate of success. And hey... this is the Pirates we're talking about after all.
  • Why do the Cardinals lose so many close games? My theory? Karma.