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Red Reposter - We admire the SWEEP, but Paul Janish & Billy Hamilton keep moving

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SCOTT ROLEN  of the Cincinnati Reds singles to drive in two runs in the eighth inning of the game against the CARDINALS.
SCOTT ROLEN of the Cincinnati Reds singles to drive in two runs in the eighth inning of the game against the CARDINALS.

New-look Better Off Red has some photos & notes from ESPN presents 3 for 3: THE REDS SWEEP
including Buster Olney's prom photo with Rosie Red and Rolen's post-game interview, the one in which he totally capped on former-manager Terry Francona's dome. If you tuned in last night, he appeared to be comparing it to an off-screen China ball light. Which, I guess if you spun it charitably, means Tito is full of enlightenment.

Hall o' Famer Hall provides a buffet of infotainment as the Reds go 12-over-.500 in '12
I totally understand Hal's kinship with Rolen - and it was great to see Scott play the hero last night on Nat'l TV - but I don't attach much meaning (yet) to his 4-8 post-ASB start. The struggles by Reds' All Stars after the ASG might hold more water. Also noted: Votto will get scheduled rest tonight. And Cueto still sounds tentative for Tuesday. Just pop it already.

Red Hot Mama buries the lede
The Cubs are improbably out of last place, having just swept the Arizona Diamonbacks. The Reds may not be watching their backs for anyone but the Pirates soon, but they are playing the D'Backs for the next three. By Fallacy's Property, the D'Backs are worse than the Cubs.

Votto was (is?) in a mini-slump
As John Fay observes, "He’s 6-for-28 (.214) since returning from the knee injury that had him out for three games." His OBP is still a healthy .410 in July, though he had only two extra base hits (2 doubles) during that stretch (and his last HR was on June 24th). I'm inclined to think you can't really draw much of a conclusion from a 25-30 PA stretch. And that we're basically just spoiled by Votto's usual production. But the knee injury (along with the lack of rest during the ASG) might be playing a bigger role than we realize. Giving him a full day of rest (w/ no PH) seems like a good idea.

Paul Janish will be the everday shortstop in Atlanta
for as long as Andrelton Simmons is out. The Braves value both his catching and throwing. This really is an ideal outcome for Janish (vs. moldering at AAA until he became a minor league free agent). Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez and Janish himself both delivered a dose of mid-career realism.

Here's a post about a recent outing by Todd Redmond, the pitcher who made Paul Vanish
In a historical footnote to the footnote, Janish just faced Redmond Friday night when Gwinnet played Louisville. Redmond was hittable (4 ER, 10 H in 5 IP), but you never know what forces are at work with minor league defenses (and parks). He appears to be a serviceable spot starter who - FWIW - is 4th in the IL in Ks.

Mat Latos' delivery got a work-up from Baseball Nation
Jeff Sullivan sets the stage: "Mat Latos is a very interesting starting pitcher, and he has a very interesting delivery that leads to very interesting results. How interesting!"

Via Uni-Watch, here's evidence that will change the way you think. About whether the Big Red Machine only wore red cleats during the All Star Game.

Micah Owings And Pitchers Becoming Hitters
Micah Owings reinventing himself as an outfielder SLASH pinch hitter. All's left is to pick a new name. Micah 2.0? Mic-AH Ownz. M-owin' D.O.W.iNgs.

What this is, is a list of baseball players with similar names to characters in Breaking Bad

Even if you've already seen the video of BIlly Hamilton's 360 FT dash
Baseball Nation's sidebar also collects some of the most legendary Hamilton facts. Though he doesn't yet have off-field heroics of Todd Frazier to his record, he's quickly becoming BIll "Braskey" Hamilton.