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The Draft: Day 3

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"There aren't any players left. You've drafted all of them. GO HOME."
"There aren't any players left. You've drafted all of them. GO HOME."

Pick Updates:

Round 16: LHP Nick Routt, Mississippi State

Round 17: C Jose Ortiz, Juana Colon HS (PR)

Round 18: RHP Jackson Stephens, Oxford HS (AL)

Round 19: RHP Austin Muehring, Palomar College (CA)

Round 20: RHP Brock Dykxhoorn, St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School (ON, Candada)

After that, hopefully there's a Ken Griffey or two in rds 21-40.


Down the stretch we come!

The Turtle returns for Day 3 of the 2012 MLB First-year Player Draft. Maybe the Reds pluck a Chris Heisey from the ranks of the college, JUCO and high school pools today. Any player drafted after Round 15 who makes the majors is a bonus.

Today wraps up the Draft. Rounds 16 through 40 will come in rapid-fire fashion. I'll keep up the best that an old slow turtle can in providing information, making comments and answering questions. On Thursday, I plan to have a cleaned up and expanded look at each playere the Reds selected, with a Turtle's Take on each.

Please excuse any typos, misflickers or general turtling of things up today. Thanks for being here and for your encouragement. I thoroughly enjoy you.