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2012 First-year Player Draft Open Thread

Find the two wishbone Cs in the above photo while you're waiting to hear about the Draft.
Find the two wishbone Cs in the above photo while you're waiting to hear about the Draft.

UPDATE: The Reds selected Florida high school RHP Nick Travieso with the 14th pick. From BA:

Travieso was mostly a relief pitcher and hitter until his senior season, when he emerged as one of the top starters in the state of Florida. Now he winds up being the top Florida prep pitcher drafted-ahead of Lance McCullers, Walker Weickel and Zach Eflin.

Check the green Turtle comments in the thread for info on Travieso and all the picks so far.

Round One (and the Supplemental First Round) of the 2012 Draft is underway tonight at 7:00 pm. The Reds will pick 14th, followed by their two free agent compensation picks: 49th (Ramon Hernandez) and 57th (Francisco Cordero).

There's a pre-draft show at 6pm on MLB Network. The draft will stream live here and you can track the picks here.

There's really nothing I could add to what Thundering Turtle has already told us and, in fact, only things that could take away from it. Like sharing my wildly unpopular views on how the draft is fake. It's obviously an elaborate Photoshop job.

The Thundering One is going with 3B Richie Shaffer of Clemson.

The Community Mock Draft over at MInorLeagueBall had Andrew Heaney (LHP, OK State) going to the Reds at 14

Keith Law's Mock Draft has the Reds taking Mississippi State RHP Chis Stratton.

On, it's AZ State SS Devin Marrero.

Other names being kicked around are RHP Michael Wacha of Texas A&M, RHP Lucas Giolito of Harvard-Westlake H.S. (CA) and RHP/OF Courtney Hawkins, two way prep from Corpus Christi.

Full draft order:

1. Houston Astros
2. Minnesota Twins
3. Seattle Mariners
4. Baltimore Orioles
5. Kansas City Royals
6. Chicago Cubs
7. San Diego Padres
8. Pittsburgh Pirates
9. Miami Marlins
10. Colorado Rockies
11. Oakland Athletics
12. New York Mets
13. Chicago White Sox
14. Cincinnati Reds
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Washington Nationals
17. Toronto Blue Jays
18. Los Angeles Dodgers
19. St. Louis Cardinals (for A. Pujols)
20. San Francisco Giants
21. Atlanta Braves
22. Toronto Blue Jays (T. Beede - unsigned, 2011)
23. St. Louis Cardinals
24. Boston Red Sox
25. Tampa Bay Rays
26. Arizona Diamondbacks
27. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder)
28. Milwaukee Brewers
29. Texas Rangers
30. New York Yankees
31. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon)

Supplemental Round

32. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer)
33. San Diego Padres (H. Bell - MIA)
34. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham)
35. New York Mets (J. Reyes)
36. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols)
37. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon)
38. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder)
39. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson)
40. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson)
41. Houston Astros (C. Barmes)
42. Minnesota Twins (J. Kubel)
43. Chicago Cubs (A. Ramirez)
44. San Diego Padres (A. Harang)
45. Pittsburgh Pirates (R. Doumit)
46. Colorado Rockies (M. Ellis)
47. Oakland Athletics (D. De Jesus)
48. Chicago White Sox (M. Buehrle)
49. Cincinnati Reds (R. Hernandez)
50. Toronto Blue Jays (F. Francisco)
51. Los Angeles Dodgers (R. Barajas)
52. St. Louis Cardinals (O. Dotel)
53. Texas Rangers (D. Oliver)
54. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Ibanez)
55. San Diego Padres (B. Austin - unsigned, 2011)
56. Chicago Cubs (C. Pena)
57. Cincinnati Reds (F. Cordero)
58. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Rauch)
59. St. Louis Cardinals (E. Jackson)
60. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Molina)