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Must've been cold in Milwaukee tonight, since Homer wore his wool #poopsocks. Reds lose, 8-3.

Rickie Weeks messes with the Toddfather.  He should feel privileged to have not been, fuggettaboutit.
Rickie Weeks messes with the Toddfather. He should feel privileged to have not been, fuggettaboutit.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Jay Bruce has carried the Reds' offense for almost two full weeks now, and tonight was no different. Hard Jay extended his hit-streak to 11 games with his 6th inning 2-run HR off of Yovanni Gallardo, and he followed that up with a hard hit single to center. Bruce finished 2 for 4, and was by far the heart of the offense tonight.

Honorable mentions to Brandon Phillips (2 for 4, 2B, 2 R), Zack "MVP/GG" Cozart (2 for 5, 2B), Todd Frazier (1 for 1, PH), Miguel Cairo (0 for 1, not being Willie Harris), and Joey Votto (1 for 3, 2B, BB). Notice the lack of pitchers on this list.

Key Plays

  • An hour into the game, the 1st inning was finally over. Unfortunately for the Reds, it was not due to their offense. Homer Bailey labored badly, reaching 2 strike counts to all 7 batters in the inning before yielding two singles, a walk, and a hit batter. It was Johnathan Lucroy's 2 run single that really burned, however. Reds trail, 2-0.
  • The Reds actually lucked out a bit in the bottom of the 3rd. After a Rickie Weeks walk and a Nyjer Morgan single, * hit a double that would have scored both had it not been of the ground rule variety. Reds trail, 3-0*.
  • Baily failed to get out of the 4th inning tonight, and left with the bases loaded. J.J. Hoover entered in an attempt to put out the fire, but Hoover's firehose was simply inadequate. Rawr. Aramis Ramirez cleared the bases with a triple, and the rout was on. Reds trail, 6-0.
  • Jay Bruced one to deep left-center in the 6th following a Brandon Phillips double, and Scott Rolen doubled in the 8th to plate BP again, but that wasn't enough to overcome the damage done, an RBI single by the opposing pitcher, and a solo HR by an Izturis. Reds lose, 8-3.



Other Notes

  • Scott Rolen tied Babe Ruth on the all-time doubles list with his shot in the 8th inning. The two currently share 48th place. Not bad, Scotty. Not bad.
  • The Reds would have picked up Dusty Baker's 1500th win as a manager had -ManBearPig not mentioned it in the game thread tonight.
  • The Reds are 12-6 in games not started by Homer Bailey and Mike Leake. They're 3-8 when one of them starts. Ouchie.
  • Johnny Cueto will take the mound vs. Zack Greinke in the series finale tomorrow at 11:10 MST. Tune in, Reds fans!