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Red o' the Week - Who was the best Red in the Reds best week?

Sadroyo looks sad.  [Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE]
Sadroyo looks sad. [Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE]

Jay Bruce was a slam dunk cold lock lead pipe cinch last week, officially earning 85% of the vote. Of course, this being Red Reporter, there is a 15% "margin of jerks who vote differently just to be a dick", so when correcting for this we can confidently say he is the first consensus winner in the 436 year history of this prestigious honor. In recognition, Jay will receive a handshake from Larry King and a milkshake from Dairy Queen.

Week five of the season saw the calendar turn over to May and the Reds turn on the afterburners. They outscored opponents 24-11 while winning four of six. The team is jammin' right now, which is reflected in the abundance of worthy nominees for this most coveted of awards.

Your nom noms, in numerical order by jersey number:

#6 Drew Stubbs

Stubbs had a very strong week, punctuated by his three-hit performance on Sunday. For the week, he totaled seven hits, with two doubles and two dingoes, a stolen base, and five runs scored for a slash of .350/.409/.750. He's raised his OPS to an even .700 for the season, which is a good 100 point rise over last week.

#19 Joey Votto

Yaaaaawwwwwnnn. nyup nyup. Oh, did Votto have another excellent week? Myeh. Wake me up when he does something really amazing. He slashed .300/.462/.450 with three doubles and six walks. He leads the league in both categories. I mean, I guess that's great. Whatever.

#32 Jay Bruce

The Bruiser followed up his NL and Red o' the Week performance last week with another strong showing, bonking two doubles and two doodles while only striking out once. He OPS'd 1.072 is now a solid second in the NL with nine total doodles.

#47 Johnny Cueto

Cueto earns yet another nomination for his complete game gem against the Pirates last Friday. He struck out four and scattered seven hits, allowing only one run. He now leads the NL with a paltry 1.31 ERA.

#55 Mat Latos

The Reds' big offseason acquisition earned his first Red o' the Week nomination by slicin' up eyeballs against the Pirates on Saturday. He set a career high with 11 strikeouts while only allowing two measly singles over six innings. We all know that, historically, he is a slow starter. If his first start of the new month is any indication of things to come...woooooo hot doggies.

#61 Bronson Arroyo

Two quality starts from BroYo this week earned him the nom, as he tossed 12.2 innings combined against the Cubs and Brewers. 12 strikeouts and two walks is mighty impressive from the old fella. He did give up three home runs, but they were all of the rally-killing variety. Look, he's going to give up some home runs. He's averaged 30 doodles surrendered per season in his Reds career (setting aside the 46 he gave up last year, which is looking like the exception to the rule), but if he's not walking anyone he's not going to get killed by them. Hopefully he keeps this up.

This one looks like a pretty tight competish, so I'm really interested to see how it turns out. To the poll!