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A Pathetic, Personal Pick Six Plug

Like Cole Hamels, I'm not going to deny my baser instincts. This is a transparent attempt to get you to give Pick 6 a try. But it's not at the behest of SBNation. I've been enjoying the game and think it would be more fun with wider participation. The barrier of entry is just having a SBNation user name. The game itself can take up less than a minute per day.

To stoke your competitive juices and bring everyone up to speed, here's the season-long leaderboard to date (below). This game has only been running less than two weeks, so there's plenty of room for a major swing. A big day from a starter and closer can effect a major point swing. There are also Red Reporter and SBNation wide leaderboards by day, week and season. Like the tired lottery saw, there are many ways to win. Unlike the lottery, while this could result in a classifiable addiction, it will not take up any of your money.

1 3 Fast 3 Furious 292.3
2 Sweep90 264.7
3 RijoSaboCaseyWKRP 254.3
4 Chester Drawers 245.4
5 RedStalk 239.2
6 Springfield Red 218.2
7 Red Menace 216.7
8 Charlie Scrabbles 209.4
9 FluffDaddy 205.4
10 BarRed 176.6