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Updating the Blog Roll: Any new business?


I try to refresh the links on the sidebar periodically, adding new, (mostly) Reds-related links and retiring those that are no longer active. It occurred to me that I hadn't done so in a while and may have missed some new Reds blood on the blogosphere. It's been long enough that I still think "blogosphere" is something cool to say.

Of course, a lot of the old-standbys are still daily reads and firmly planted in the Blogroll. I was curious if I'd overlooked any upstarts. Any Ryan Wrights. Or even any Todd Fraziers.

Here are a few that we've added somehwat recently, but by no means an exhaustive list. None of these are new, which hopefully drives home the appeal to do some recommending in the thread. It's also a reminder that baseball blogging is not - nor should it be - a boy's club.

So I Married a Baseball Player
You're probably familiar with Mat Latos' social-media-savvy better half. In addition to being quick with the tweets, she also keeps a blog over at MLB Blogs. Which is a loose confederation of writers that we're probably all blackballed from joining forever.

C-ing Red
You may also be familiar with longtime Red Reporter andromache's blog over at Aerys Sports. She keeps it up-to-the-moment current, while alternating in-depth empirical analysis (like her incisive Pitch F/X commentary) with some really funny posts (like her recent Todd Frazier Heimlich Photoshop). I'm plotting a hostile takeover as we speak.

Flip Flop Fly Ballin'
This tumblr blog is only occassionally Reds-related, but I check it frequently as a break from words and numbers. The blogger is a graphic designer who consistently produces visually-appealling, insightful infographics and a steady stream of entertaining baseball ephemera.