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Red Reposter - the Reds aren't off, but I wouldn't call it working

Nobody's calling him standoff-ish, but Aroldis could show a little more affection in his victory hugs.
Nobody's calling him standoff-ish, but Aroldis could show a little more affection in his victory hugs.
  • Sunday's HR binge, explained
    Prior to the game, Ken Griffey Jr. visited the Reds clubhouse with kids in tow. According to observers, Griffey has added considerably more mass since his playing days, which Baker joked "happens to all of us." The presence of Junya's 630 HRs with Jamie Moyer's record-holding 518 (allowed) foreshadowed Wacky Wanger Sunday at the GABP, which saw the teams circle the pillows nine times. The last game to see nine johnsons (double-checks RR media guide) also involved the Reds and Rockies, last September.
  • And in the latest "how old is Jamie Moyer?" bit,
    Jamie Ramsey links the boxscore for Moyer's debut against the Reds. So how old is Moyer? The Reds' starting Firstbaseman that game was Tony Perez.

  • The Reds now head to Pittsburgh
    The Pirates ride a modest winning streak of three, modest because all three were at the expense of the Cubs. The Reds will tee off tomorrow afternoon against righty James McDonald, who's found a consistent slider in this breakthrough season. Bronson Arroyo takes the hill for the good guys.
  • The Enquirer peaks into the mind of Aroldis Chapman
    Some interesting bits on Chapman's evolution in Cincinnati. Devin Mesoraco, on the language barrier: "He knows enough English and I know enough Spanish to get the point across... What are we going to say: ‘Throw the ball better?’ He’s done a great job. He’s got a really good idea what he’s doing."

As much as I like Erardi, I thought there was way too much focus on the recent federal suit filed in Miami by a Cuban national, who's likely motivated solely by Chapman's deep pockets. If the case ever develops any support beyond the plaintiff's own unsubstantiated assertions, then it's worth addressing. I just hate to see a fishing expedition sully what's been a terrific year by Aroldis.

  • El Beeperino entertained the masses on MLBN's Intentional Talk
    Brandon Phillips talks about his swag, circling the pillows, and Kevin Millar's hair. Millar, in turn, talks about nearly nude BP (batting practice) in St. Louis.
  • The 1986 Topps Aroldis Chapman
    Fantasy cards are fun, and no other set quite captures the 1980s like the '86 Topps. Chapman could've certainly helped that '85 team, though much more as a starter.
  • For Clinton-era Cincinnati nostalgia that doesn't involve the Reds, Greg Dulli has you covered
    The Afghan Whigs made a comeback this month, playing The Jimmy Fallon Show before embarking on a global tour. Here, frontman Greg Dulli sits down with The Village Voice. On at-bat music played at ball parks: "It's when these dudes come up and they play, like, Rascal Flatts and shit. It's like, 'Fuck, you're ruining it. Come on.' How does that psyche you up when you strike out? You know what, I think they should play the exact same song if you strike out, or someone gets to pick a song if you strike out. In some ways I understand it, but it's, you know, the dudes with Creed, Nickelback, who play that shit. It's like, 'Come on, man.'"