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Red Reposter - Escape from New York

The Reds' Amtrak Corridor contingent of Mike Costanzo, Todd Frazier, and Ryan Hanigan all played well in helping the Reds on their Big Apple road trip.
The Reds' Amtrak Corridor contingent of Mike Costanzo, Todd Frazier, and Ryan Hanigan all played well in helping the Reds on their Big Apple road trip.

'Twas a successful if somewhat tumultuous roadtrip for the Redlegs. In becoming the first ever team to play the Mets and Yankees on consecutive days, the Reds enjoyed a winning trip to Gotham even if the Yankees tried to big league Dusty at the entrance of Yankee Stadium and one anonymous player showed up at the wrong stadium. If the Reds can take three out of five there, well, you know.

  • The Reds are 21-19 for the first quarter of the season
    Not a terrible record considering the injuries, schedule, and other challenges faced by the team. The Springfield News-Sun has a few suggestions to improve the "sleepy" Reds, including moving Aroldis Chapman into the rotation. Natch. But they also note that "If anyone asked me about getting in on this Facebook deal, I'd have to say I'd rather invest in a Mississippi ski resort. Fads come and go, and when times get better and people actually go back to work, who will have time to "friend" anyone?" Folks, investing isn't for the amateurs.
  • The tale of Costanzo's call-up
    Baseball can sure make me a softy when it wants. The Philly Daily News describes the scene in Louisville where Manager David Bell gave Mike Costanzo the long-awaited news: Finally, Bell summoned him, leading him down a hallway and into his office. When the manager turned around, Costanzo saw the tears welling in his eyes. Bell blubbered out the news.... After 7 years in the minors, Costanzo was a major leaguer. In the middle of a nondescript room in a Triple A stadium, the two men embraced. "We hugged for like 9 hours," Costanzo said. "It was like we were slow-dancing."
  • Some home cooking worked out the Toddfather's jitters
    Frazier, who admitted to pressing after being thrust into the everyday lineup, had two homeruns in the opening game of the NYM series to garner JNMPotG honors. Even so, the game barely qualifies for his personal Top 5. "The Little League World Series is still 1 or 2 for me," he said with a laugh. "That was big." Also big are his dance moves, which he showed off before his big game against the Mets.
  • The Reds will now host the Braves for four
    The Reds should feel good if they can manage another split against the NL East leader. I know the Dodgers' record is better, but no NL team scares me more than Atlanta. Mike Leake will do battle with Mike Minor tonight, who's been scuffing a bit as of late. I feel like I say this before every game now, but we could really use a long outing by our starter. The game will be on ESPN.
  • Reds return Catcher Koyie Hill to whence he came
    The Cubs will send the Reds "cash considerations: for the the 33-year-old Hill, who was hitting .195 for Pensacola. They sorely need the depth after recently losing starter Geovany Soto and backup Wellington Castillo.
  • The Enquirer looks back at the Big Gray Machine team of 1982
    I have to hand it to them for the "Age Against the Machine" title. Just one year removed from having the league's best record, age and poor roster decisions conspired to create the only Reds team to lose a hundred games. (The real) Paul Householder turned out to not be much of a help.
  • So long, Kerry Wood
    The Cub pitcher retired this weekend after breaking into the bigs 14 years ago in dramatic fashion. I saw him pitch in this game in June '98 and remember thinking that a guy who was barely older than me had already recorded a 20-K game in his ledger. In the game I saw, he struck out 11 and hit a HR. For the record, he doesn't blame Dusty.
  • Eff that!!
    The august Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the granddaddy of all curses. The Dusty .gif is priceless. Thanks, jch!