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Game 40: Reds @ Yankees (1:05 PM EDT). Cueto vs. Sabathia.

Cincinnati Reds
@ New York Yankees

Sunday, May 20, 2012, 1:05 PM EDT
Yankee Stadium

Johnny Cueto vs CC Sabathia

Sunny. Winds blowing in from right field at 5-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 75.

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Ryan Ludwick returns to the lineup as a designated hitter [pause for laugh] today as the Reds and Yankees square off in a matchup between their respective aces. Johnny Cueto looks to bounce back after a disappointing outing against the Atlanta Barves Braves. Granted, any outing where he gives up a run appears to qualify as a "disappointing outing" for Cueto. The Redlegs offense, meanwhile, will have their work cut out for them against CC Sabathia. CC Sabs has thus far demonstrated effectiveness as the Yankees "stopper," eating his way up to a 5-1 record for the 21-19 overall Yankees.

With the rumors flying yesterday about Scott Rolen's demise as a major league ballplayer, the Reds must realize that it is put-up or shut up time for the offense. Ryan Ludwick needs to live up to his at-bat music of the Beastie Boys, and not be satisfied with his thus far Fun.-level results. Zack Cozart needs to bust out of that slump that seems to befall so many rookies after their first month in the bigs. Jay Bruce also needs to return to his April and early May glories. And, finally, Joey Votto needs to more actively petition Major League Baseball to allow himself to bat immediately before and after Joey Votto.

Maybe Dusty Baker is right. Maybe you don't walk your way out of slumps, you hit your ways out of them. Frankly, I don't give a drat as long as we win our way out of them. Go Reds! Make the Yankees cry all the way up the Grand Councourse to Fordham Road!