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Reds set fire to their own bats, attempt to bat with embers; are unsuccessful. Reds lose, 3-1.

Nope...nope, I still don't miss END.
Nope...nope, I still don't miss END.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Welp, Badroyo didn't show up tonight, and that was pretty nice. While he gave up two solo homers, he was relatively effective over 6 IP. Mediocrroyo was (by definition of being "mediocre") better than the rest of his teammates tonight, yielding only 3 ER on his 99 pitches, striking out 3 and walking just one. Another five starts like the ones he's had so far in 2012 may even have RR's seeing Pops concede that he's been decent; although, five more starts like the ones he's had so far in 2012 will likely see a frozen hell, Yossi as president, and a picture of BubbaFan on the interwebbos.

Honorable mention to Chris Heisey for seeing only 8 pitches in his 3 at-bats today. He did everything he could to get this game over as fast as possible.

Key Plays

  • Bryan LaHair LaHomered off Bronson in the top of the 2nd inning. Cubs lead, 1-0.
  • Ian Stewart hit a laser into the right field bleachers in the 4th. Cubs lead, 2-0.
  • The Reds got as havocky as they could havoc in the 4th. After Drew Stubbs grounded out, Joey Votto drew a walk, and Brandon Phillips followed with a single. Votto advanced to third on the play, executing what Cowboy explained was a well-timed "run and hit," as opposed to a perfectly contrived "crab-walk and burp" or sublimely created "rub and tug." Jay Bruce grounded into a double play, but since LaHair tagged first to start it, Votto was able to score due to some crafty BeeP-ery, who managed to create a run-down to kill time. Reds score! Cubs lead, 2-1.
  • The Cubs got active again in the 6th, when a washed up never-shouldda-been former ROY knocked in an over the hill hundred millionaire. LOLCUBz. Reds lose, 3-1.
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Other Notes

  • Former Red Ryan Dempster will come off his stint on the DL to face Homer Bailey at GABP tomorrow at 10:35 MST.
  • I hate losing to the Cubs. Damn.