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Red Reposter - Wet Great American Bummer

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There hasn't been a Reds game since Sunday afternoon, so my life is just as empty.
There hasn't been a Reds game since Sunday afternoon, so my life is just as empty.

The opening game of the Reds' series with the Cubs was postponed last night
and will be made up when the Cubs return to Cincinnati August 17-19, likely as part of an oldey fashioned doubleheader. That will provide ample time for the ivy to come in on the Moerlein Lager House (that's probably enough of that). Also, as a consequence of the cancellation, the Reds will likely skip Mike Leake's start nominally to keep Cueto in place for his Friday start, but probably more because Leake has been struggling.

Columbus Dispatch: "Baker hopes Reds continue to pound away"
Whatever helps the team come together.

OMGred brings to our attention "Foster Night" at the Reds HOF and Museum
And it is not a night of outsized canned beer -- although they should really consider that brand synergy. "The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum continues their Hall of Famer series this month as the Host George Foster at the Tap House Grill on Wednesday, May 16 at 6:00pm." Some of us have already met George Foster, but for those that haven't - his allegiances have not changed over time.

It's the 10th anniversary of Mike Cameron hitting four homers
There were a few Reds-related items in the Hardball TImes exhaustive daily retrospective:

1917 It's baseball's "double-no-hitter." In arguably the greatest pitchers duel of all-time, Cincinnati's Fred Toney and Chicago's Hippo Vaughn hold the opposing squads scoreless through nine innings. The Reds touch Vaughn for two hits and a run in the 10th, which is why I had to put quotation marks around "double no-hitter."

1959 Frank Robinson hits for the cycle as Reds demolish LA, 16-4.

Billy Hamilton has not escaped the notice of Baseball Nation
The interesting historical sidenote to Hamilton's legendary ability to alchemize every single into a triple is that Hall of Famer Billy Hamilton - born 134 years before Billy Quix in Newark, NJ - stands between the Reds' basepath Blazer and the top two spots on the all-time steals list.

In every recent news story I've read with a quote from Dusty Baker, he's dropped in the phrase "big time"
This New York Times two-screener is no different. I think he might be playing some kind of Super Troopers game with the press. There aren't any new revelations in this article, although I'm suprised the Reds' attendance isn't doing a little better. It always lags before school lets out, but it felt like there might be a bump after the Opening Series. Maybe they blew their wad in the first two games.

Here's another of article on Amir Garrett, who is finishing his freshman year as a St. John's Red [Storm(er)]
and will be starting his professional career as a Red, probably in the AZ Rookie league. It's the standard two-sport star angle. I'm curious how much he'll be constrained by not choosing to focus on one sport. He has three more years of eligibility left at St. John's. A little impatience might be read into Chris Buckley's quote in the article. They did give him a $1M signing bonus, but even though it's an added injury risk, college basketball has to be keeping Garrett in peak condition.