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Farmers Only: Fives and Fours

So I saw Cabin in the Woods tonight. It is so insanely nuts. Just...nuts. On to the games! Nuts.

  • Louisville lost in ten to Durham, 5-4. Four Bats had 2 hits each, including Corky Miller and Kris Negron, the latter of whom had a triple and a ninth inning homer to tie the game at 4 apiece. Brett Tomko started and promptly Brett Tomkoed all over the place. Sadly, Mrs. Scrabbles Josh Judy couldn't hold the Bulls by the horns, and promptly gave up an RBI single in the tenth after Durham played some smawl bawl. Judy has pitched pretty well overall this year, but didn't seem to have his stuff tonight. Up next: More Bull fighting at 11:05 am, with starters not yet announced as of press time.
  • Pensacola also played ten innings, but came out on the winning side, beating Jackson 5-4 on a walkoff single by Cody Puckett, who had himself a nice little night, going 3-4 with a home run and 3 RBI. Newly acquired douchenozzle Koyie Hill (he's a former Cub, I am obligated to say that. It's in the Red Reporter contract I signed) went 2-5 with a double and an RBI, and Hank-Rod had 2 singles and a walk as well. Tim Gustafson combined with Wirfin "Chubby Bunny" Obispo, Justin Freeman, and Donnie Joseph to give up 4 earned runs, except all of those runs were given up in the first 4 innings by Gustafson, so that's not really a fair thing to say at all. DoJo is sporting a Chapman-esque stat line in 2012, having pitched 12 innings, giving up no runs and just 7 hits, with 16 Ks to only 3 walks. #LetHimStartPitchInLouisville. Up next: The Wahoos take on Jackson again at 8 ET, starters TBD.
  • Bakersfield rallied for 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth, but must have miscounted because they still lost to Lancaster, 5-4. Billy Hamilton DID NOT STEAL A BASE!!!!! He merely went 2-4 with a double (and his 8th error on the year...hmm). Sir Quix-a-Lot is now hitting .402 on the season. Nuts. Andrew Means was the only other Bakersfield player with multiple hits (Lutz and the Tantrums were a one-hit-wonder), and Tucker Barnhart and Yorman Rodriguez combined to go 0-6, though with only 1 strike out (Barnhart). Josh Smith started and lasted 5 innings, giving up 3 runs on 5 hits and 4 walks, striking out 4 as well. Up next: The Blaze take on the JetHawks again, with a 10:15 ET first pitch. Whoever is in charge of announcing minor league starters must have been at Occupy Wall Street today, because nobody is announced to pitch for any of the minor league affiliates.
  • Dayton was off today, but Justice Freedom (3-1, 2.60 ERA) takes on Lake County tomorrow at 7 ET. Cuz this is 'Merica. Osama's dead.