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The Toddfather Part II (home runs) - Reds come back to beat Mets, 6-3


The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Todd Frazier had 40 or so friends and family at Citi Field tonight and he definitely made it worth their trip up the Garden State Parkway. He ping ponged a pair of pankos to push the Reds to prevail. Honorable Mention to Mike Leake, who pitched six strong while walking two and striking out five. He gave up three runs, but only one was earned. He also went 2-2 with a pair of singles, scoring the Reds first run all the way from first base on a Zack Cozart double. Honorable mention also to Aroldis Chapman, who is so danged awesomekicks right now that I can't even stand it.

Key Plays

Joey Votto threw away a potential double play ball in the 6th, which led to two Mets runs.

Frazier hit his first snooki in the 7th, an opposite field snooki that just made it over the wall.

The Reds beat up the Mets 'pen in the 8th. They stink this year, like, really stink. Which is good for the Reds, who strung together some base hits, a sac fly, and Frazier's second JWoww to put them ahead for good.

Jose Arredondo, Aroldis Chapman, and Sean Marshall combined for three innings, four strikeouts, and only one hit allowed. Our bullpen is way, way better than their stinky bullpen. Which is good for the Reds.

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes:

Jay Bruce got reacquainted with Tim Byrdak, the victim of Bruce's Clinch Honk. Bruce hit a pinch-hit sac fly in the 8th to plate the go ahead run.

D.J. Carrasco surrendered Frazier's second home rungo and was summarily DFA'd after the game.

1:10 start tomorrow, so get a good night's sleep tonight, folks. Mat Latos faces off against knucklepucker R.A. Dickey.