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Our Dayte with Fayte: Red Reporter Interviews John Fay, Part 1 of 2

Joey Votto may only have John Fay to answer to, but that doesn't mean Mr. Fay is off the hook...

Continuing to roll out content at a Corky Miller-stealing-secondian pace, the cracked out reporting team of Red Reporters who went to Spring Training (myself, -ManBearPig, and Kevin Mitchell is Batman) met up with an idol of ours: the inimitable John Fay, tireless beat writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

After furtively trying to meet up with him for an interview, and several emails, we were thrown a nasty changeup when news of Ryan Madson's TJ surgery broke, and The Fay had to run off to pepper Jocketty and Dusty with questions about it. Luckily for us, John Fay is a really good dude, and went out of his way to find time for us to interview him outside of Goodyear Ballpark (which wouldn't let us in for free, even in the 8th inning. Draconian I say!). I can't stress enough how much we appreciated his time, patience, and willingness to hang with us for a bit. For all the flack he takes, he is an awesome guy and deserves more credit than he gets.

Anyway, we asked him several questions, spanning the vast spectrum of inanity (OK, a few baseball questions too...), and after the jump, you will find the first of two installments.

Let's introduce our subject:

The next Corky Miller?

State of the Farm:

John Fay's Ideal Lineup:

So there you have it. The guy knows his baseball, despite citing some old-fashioned stats. All kidding aside, John Fay is a really good guy, and we would like to extend a HUGE thanks, on behalf of all of Red Reporter (yes, even btcoop), for doing this. Though considering his response to our first question, those thanks might fall on deaf ears...