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Yahoo! Sports and Making you a human highlight reel

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Baseball is sometimes accused of lagging behind the football media juggernaut. Yahoo! Sports is teaming up with to give you better, more dynamic access to baseball action without having to keep like 30 browser tabs open. It's a safe and socially-acceptable way of mainlining baseball for casual fans and junkies alike. Full Count features live look-ins to key plays and pivotal moments and in-progress video highlights. Follow along from game to game and experience the most thrilling plays from around the majors in real time. Major flashpoints from around the league will be accompanied by statistical data and historical footage. Fans can access up-to-the-second stats, scores, news, and live expert commentary. Full Count includes an embedded Twitter feed for tracking insiders, Yahoo! baseball reporters, expert analysts choosing upcoming live looks and social media activity buzzing around live MLB games.

You will have in the driver's seat - or whatever seat live television producers who are having a really good time doing their job sit in. Fans can pause the live action and rewind in real time to content from earlier in the video stream to catch up on prior plays of the day. All for free – on PC and iOS.

Get the biggest major league moments from major league games, live all season long with Full
— on Yahoo! Sports.

Yahoo! Sports and Full Count support SB Nation in the never-ending pursuit to know everything that’s going on in baseball—a quest that all-new Full Count aims to help with live, pause-able, rewind-able video of the biggest plays from around the league, and the hottest news and freshest analysis. All for free. Sign up at today!