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Game 22: Reds v. Astros (1:10 EDT); Latos v. Lyles

When playing the Cardinals, Brewers, Cubs, or Pirates, we often cite the Reds' youthful exuberance as one of the factors giving them an upper hand. However, when facing the Astros, it appears the Reds must fall back on their "veterany-presence" (VETERAN PRESENTS?) to win the day. This is no different on this fine day, as the Reds counter 20 year-old Jordan Lyles with the well-traveled 24 year-old Mat Latos.

Latos is in the process of building what we like to call in the business "SOME SERIOUS MO'" (as in momentum). After a strong start on Tuesday against the Giants, he's looking to make another winning appearance against the Astros. I like his chances.

"Because it's the Astros?"

Well, no, not only that.

"Because the Astros are bad?"

I said no, there are other reasons and I'm trying to be polite here.

"Because Scott Rolen has discovered the fountain of youth?"

Eh, probably not. If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press Rolen's day off.

"Then why?"

Because Mat Latos has a secret weapon. No ifs, ands, or nutz about it.


1. Stubbs, CF

2. Cozart, SS

3. Votto, 1B

4. Phillips, 2B

5. Bruce, RF

6. Ludwick, LF

7. Frazier, 3B

8. Hanigan, C

9. Latos, P

Welcome to the Game of Threads. Or something like that . . . GO REDS!