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Red o' the Week - In which the bats begin to represent

GOLEM SMASH!!  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
GOLEM SMASH!! (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Aroldis Chapman won the second-ever Red Reporter Red of the Week Red Star, sponsored by SBNation's Department of Logos, Avatars, and Politburos. This bi-annual award is given every week to the performer who best exemplified the merits of Reds baseballedness in the week prior. The Hot Freak, as the all the hip youngsters are calling him nowadays, garnered 72% of the vote, which is a new record for this longstanding and prestigious honor. In recognition, I will acknowledge his efforts as I eat my lunch today.

This week's nominees are evidence that the team actually does have an offense, which runs counter to previous reports. So here they are, in alphabetical order:

Johnny Cueto

It was a terrific week for the Reds ace, as he was the only starter to take the mound twice in this arbitrary time frame. He punched a pair of peachy pitching performances, totaling 13.1 innings with only two earned runs allowed and a 12/4 K/BB. His ERA for the week was a beautiful 1.35.

Devin Mesoraco

The Golem started half the games at catcher last week, perhaps as a reward for his superlative hitting. Mesoraco was 5 for 11 with three walks, posting a slash of .455/.571/.455. He also blocked the plate exceptionally well on this play here, keeping Jaime Garcia from scoring a critical run that could have made the Reds lose even worse.

Drew Stubbs

Nobody complains about Stubbs' streakiness when he's runnin' hot, as he was this past week. Stubbs is pumped up being bumped up to the two-hole in the lineup, tuning up opposition pitchers with a slash of .346/.393/.500. He also stole a pair of bases and wanged his first home run of the young season.

Joey Votto

I have a feeling this here fella is gonna earn himself a number of these nominations as this season progresses. Heck, it was even a down-week for Votto, but he still slashed .286/.444/.381. Teams are now actively pitching around the big fella, as the Reds struggle to get any production out of the clean-up spot. Still, walking six times in a week means teams are really struggling to get him out, and that's really all that matters.

So there you have it, your nominees for Red o' the Week for week three. This kinda thing is probably your only real chance to feel like the part of an active democratic process this year, so I hope you recognize this rare opportunity for what it is and relish it accordingly.