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Red Reposter - Get better, BP

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Time - the most difficult opponent to outrun.
Time - the most difficult opponent to outrun.
  • "Ugly" was the adjective of choice for Sunday's rubber game victory
    From both our own KMiB and Dusty: "That's what you call an ugly win. Just sort of which team played worse today, and we're fortunate enough to come away with the win. You take anything you can, but we've still got to play and execute better." The Reds committed three errors, walked five, and left 13 men on base. Fortunately, the Cubs.
  • BP sat out yesterday's fun,
    giving him only one start at Wrigley over the weekend. Which makes sense given the cold weather, but Willie Harris' uninspired play has left me pining for the return of Miguel Cairo and a better look at Todd Frazier. Fay also notes here that Masset is still not throwing, over a week after his last throwing session. He's been on the DL all season with shoulder tendinitis.
  • After a day off, the Reds host the Giants tomorrow night
    Taking the hill will be Matt Cain, fresh off his masterpiece against Philadelphia: nine innings, four strikeouts, two hits, one walk, and zero runs. Immediately previous to that: nine innings, 11 Ks, one hit, no walks, and no runs against the Pirates. Eeps. Mat Latos is hopefully ready to turn in his best Reds start to date. And just maybe, the Mets gang up on their spiritual predecessor today during their doubleheader (necessitated by Sunday's rainout in New York), weakening the Giants' bullpen and resolve.
  • Joey Votto wins a-more of the hardware
    On Saturday night, the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame honored Joey Votto as its Athlete of the Year. Naturally, Mike Piazza served as co-emcee at the ceremony, located in the heart of Chicago's Little Italy on Taylor Street. I lived a few blocks from there one college summer and still dream about Al's Beef down the block. Anywho, Votto is at least the second athlete affiliated with the Reds to gain induction, after this guy.
  • Not content to let the Cincinnati slugger hog all the headlines going back to the old country, last week Tony LaRussa was named the winner of the Ellis Island Family Heritage Award. Naturally, Tommy Lasorda served as co-emcee at the ceremony.
  • Start stuffing those ballots
    While the NIASHF award is nice, I'd really like to see Votto finally start an All-Star Game this year. So get cracking. With Pujols and Fielder out of the league and Howard on the shelf, this year should be a given for the Say Eh Kid. Hopefully Brandon Phillips and some others also rock the vote and join Joey in Kansas City.
  • On a sad note, former Red and pinch-hitter extraordinaire Jerry Lynch passed away recently
    "Lynch in a Pinch" was a key cog of the '61 pennant-winning Reds. Even though he came to bat just 210 times, Lynch received MVP votes on the strength of his red-iculous .315/.407/.624 (167 OPS+) slash line. As High Heat Stats notes, Lynch is 9th all-time in pinch hit ABs and 3rd in homeruns. Lynch on pinch-hitting: "Give me the ninth inning, with a man on, two outs and the Reds one run down. Man, I lap that up."
  • OMGreds has a beef with GABP's helmet nachos
    These aren't the cute miniature batting helmets that hold sundaes, by the way. These are full-sized, grownup helmets. So what's missing? That’s right. There are no meat options for the Helmet Nachos. No beef. No chicken. No nuthin’. We were a little disappointed. Now, if you get past that detail (we know, it’s tough), it’s actually a pretty good deal.
  • Kudos to andromache for completing her "extremely silly, old lady crochet, reds themed project"
    There are few logos in professional sports that translate well to this medium, but this wishbone "C" passes with flying colors. Separately, 'mache would appreciate it if someone can find her reading glasses, which she thought she left on top of the radio before dozing off this afternoon.
  • Redleg Nation wants Joey Votto to be named Captain, pronto
    It's been noted in comments in various threads recently that Joey Votto is learning Spanish, perhaps after stumbling upon a box of Barry Larkin's old Berlitz books. With his job security, quiet but growing leadership, and general awesomeness at playing baseball, I couldn't agree more that it's time to name this Canuck Captain.
  • Pitchers & Poets have finally penned a Reds article
    It's about Bronson Arroyo, unfortunately. But then again we've probably heard enough about Joey Votto. P&P is giddy about Arroyo's starts so far, SSS be damned: "So far this season, Arroyo has been even craftier. While he hasn't seen a major boost in velocity, he has been mixing his pitches even more liberally than usual. He's relying on his fastball less and his cutter and looping curve much more, just the kind of adjustment a veteran struggling to keep up with rocket-armed youngsters would make. And truth be told, it's the kind of adjustment Arroyo has to make."

  • Displaced Reds blogger Chris Sabo's Goggles spent the weekend at Wrigley
    And noticed Chicago's new Cincinnati slur: The Miller Lite billboard in right field which read: "CINCINNOT IN OUR HOUSE." CSG responds: How CINCINNOT clever. Yup.