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Our Dayte with Fayte: Red Reporter Interviews John Fay, Part 2 of 2

After learning about mustache upside and Fay's hypothetical coaching style in the first installment, it's time to wrap up Red Reporter's little foray into meta-journalism. Just want to reiterate how much we appreciate John Fay's time and willingness to do this. Much obliged, Mr. Fay!

Without further ado, here's more Real Talk with Uncle Fay (TM), after the jump!

On Aroldis Chapman (note, this was filmed before it was announced that Chapman was headed for the pen):

The Future of Scott Rolen in Cincinnati:

The Most Important Question, to which there may never be an answer:

So there you have it. Some questions have been answered, some remain a mystery. I'd love to make this a recurring thing each year, if Mr. Fay will have us. Perhaps we can purchase him an adult beverage next time and pick his brain a bit more. Hopefully, there won't be breaking injury news about a high-priced player on our roster to contend with next time...