OHIO primary is today...who you got?

Before a few of you jump my case for putting "politics on your precious baseball blog" (you know who you are), please keep in mind that 90% of the stuff posted here has nothing to do with baseball. Anyway, i'm not posting this to try to spark a debate between candidates, or between policies, or between Republicans & Democrats.


I'm just trying to gauge the pulse of the Red Reporter crowd. The primary is kind of like the mock draft of politics!!!


And i don’t think any of the polls from CNN, HNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, CSPAN, et al probably have targeted the Red Reporter audience yet.


Some general stereotypes of them are:

Newt "baby lizard" Gingrich - Seen as the most qualified. Some consider him the best debater of the group. Fairly socially conservative.

"Fastball" Ron Paul - The all but forgotten candidate. Is definately on a different track than the other 3, being fairly libertarian.

"Catcher's" Mitt Romney - The most moderate/centrist. Seen as the best bet to defeat Obama. The media's favorite to win since day 1.

Rick "take me home" Santorum - The social conservative's conservative. The Tim Tebow of the candidates - the one viewed as the most outwardly "Christian", which some love and some detest.