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National Lampoon's Spring Training Vacation!*



By now I'm sure you've heard that Red Reporter's finest writers not named 'KRP, Scrabbles, 'nukkah, jch, 'mache, Slyde, boobs, BK, ken, FordhamRam, TT, kcgard...

Well, what I mean to say, is that a few Red Reporter writers are shipping out bright and early tomorrow morning to head down to Ouryear, AZ for the weekend. UncleWeez, ManBearPig, and I are planning to catch the home game vs. Texas on Thursday night, the Padres game in Peoria on Friday night, and at least one of the split squad games vs. the Giants/Padres on Saturday. To be blunt, we're pumped, and we're excited to see what kind of off the wall, 2-miles-from-mainstream coverage we can provide.

We thought we'd use this thread to pick up on any ideas you keen guys and gals have in mind. While we're planning on several things (game recaps, player pictures, 'Weez streaking through the outfield, holding "tryouts" for Miss Reds - March, etc.), we figured soliciting the minds of the best baseball blog on the planet would be our best bet for conjuring great coverage plans.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

*National Lampoon is not making this into a least not yet.