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Reds-chuling: updating your spring calendar

March 2 means a lot of things. Rent is overdue. I still kind of think it's 2011, which makes me feel a little insane. It's also mandatory report to spring training for all players, which is mostly a formality. Almost every player is already in camp. In fact, I'm not really sure who the stragglers are.

But we do get two full innings of baseball played with a regulation size ball. That's infinitely more innings than the Reds have played competitively all year.

Here's what to look forward to, or acknowledge with a quick harumph, on the Reds' baseball horizon (courtesy of the RR Events Calendar and the Waffle Council of Northern America):

  • Today A 2-inning Intrasquad, Goodyear, AZ.
  • Today - March 11 Period to renew unsigned player contracts. This is when the Reds make their whim law and offer pre-arbitration players whatever salary at or slightly above league-minimum feels right. Mat Latos leads the class of pre-arb players who will be getting a cut above the rest.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday, March 3) Spring Training Opener vs. Indians, 3:05pm EST. SP: Mike Leake. Autograph Day!
  • Sunday, March 4 Reds @ Indians (AWAY, yet HOME), 3:05pm EST. SP: Homer Bailey.
  • Monday, March 5 A GAME: Reds vs. Indians (They still haven't gone anywhere), 3:05 EST. SP: Johnny Cueto. B GAME: TBA @ Mariners. FS-O, MLB.TV, MLBN (tape delay)
  • Tuesday, March 6 Reds @ Mariners, 3:05PM EST. SP: Mat Latos. Seniors Stroll the Bases Day!
  • Wednesday, March 7 Reds vs. Padres (Split Squad), 3:05PM EST. SP: Bronson Arroyo.

Media coverage

March 5 is the only one with TV coverage until the 10th, but the opening weekend games will be carried by WLW. Every non-WLW game has audio.