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Cactus League 2012 Game 18: Reds @ White Sox

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Cincinnati Reds @
Chicago White Sox

Monday, March 19, 2012

4:05 PM EST

Camelback Ranch, Glendale, AZ

Weather - Desert

I'm going to be honest: I haven't really been paying close attention the past few weeks. There aren't really any dramatic position battles in Reds Camp this spring as the roster has been pretty well set since the Ryan Ludwick signing. It's been a Reds tradition to have Spring Training performance dictate half the roster. But not this year. Now it's only about getting into playing shape. This is for the best, trust me. It means the team has a good, logical candidate for every important roster spot. But yeah, it also means ST is kind of a snoozefest this year.

Oh, you say you want some drama? Some excitement? You say the Kardashianization of our culture has force-fed you an addiction to gossip and intrigue? Well, then lean in closer to your computer screen and listen to this. I heard Homer Bailey is in danger of losing his rotation spot. My friend's brother's girlfriend is friends with this chick who went to PA school with a guy who is friends with the step-cousin of one of the Reds staffers, and he said Homer is totally not up on the ins right now. His numbers so far this spring are plain-ol' bad - an ERA over 11, a WHIP over 2, and 150% more walks than strikeouts. I heard they're going to trade him to the Mavericks and Khloe is going to be all omg.

So this start against the White Sox is basically the Hunger Games for Ol' Hoss. If he doesn't pitch well, they will probably feed him to the giant Slor. Or whatever it is that happens in that book. I never read it.


Reds White sox
Brandon Phillips 2B Tim Raines LF
Zack Cozart SS Joey Cora 2B
Joey Votto 1B
Frank Thomas 1B
Scott Rolen DH Robin Ventura 3B
Juan Francisco 3B
Ellis Burks DH
Chris Heisey RF
Bo Jackson RF
Todd Frazier LF
Lance Johnson CF
Devin Mesoraco C Ron Karkovice C
Denis Phipps CF Ozzie Guillen SS