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New at the Red Reporter Reference Desk

What began humbly as a pretentiously-titled section on the left sidebar of this website now contains "several" pages rather than "a couple." The Reference Desk is your easily-accessible resource for up-to-date player information - contract status, injury histories and now, Twitter handles. Here are some of the recent additions to our holdings, which I hope will help answer FAQs about the Reds and better prevent you from ever having to visit any other site.

Reds Players on Twitter

This section dropped just this week. I'm not nearly as proficient on Twitter as many of you, but this is my attempt to put together a listing of all current Reds players who have active Twitter handles. Some Tweet more than others. I've left off Ryan Madson, who it seems had an authentic handle at some point but hasn't Twatt (not positive that's the past tense of Tweet) in nearly two years. I'm hoping to add Reds media personalities, veterans and a Dallas Latos category soon. Feel free to offer your additions and corrections.

Complete Org Chart (MLB Daily Dish)

This was discussed in a FanShot, but MLB Daily Dish - SBNation's news and trade rumors pub - mapped the players and contract vitals in the Reds' system from low-A to the majors. You should offer your feedback here or on their thread if you haven't already.

2012 Spring Training Invitees

Hopefully this is a current list of all non-roster invites to big league camp this Spring. I'm not sure yet if Wifrin Obispo - who was just signed to a minor league deal and who may actually be a food and drug conglomerate - received an invite. Let me know if we missed anyone.

Any suggestions for information that isn't currently easy to find and might fit in this section would be more than welcome. As soon as we wrap the Community Prospect Rankings, we'll be looking at Composite rankings of Reds' farmhands and logging prospect histories, leaning on past Community rankings. Stay tuned. That is, stay near the Desk and please be quiet.