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Red Reposter - Four days until Spring Training! Suck on that, winter!

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Blog Red Machine compares some hitting graphs from Brandon Phillips and Drew Stubbs
There are very stark differences between the two. In fact, you aren't likely to find two hitters on the Reds who have more different plate approaches than these two. The end results are surprisingly similar though, as their career wOBAs are nearly identical (.328/.329). But Phillips has a great contact rate, and Stubbs is one of the worst in the league in that regard.

I always thought Mo Egger was old
He's not. But Mo Egger is kind of an old man's name, right? I would expect a man named Mo Egger to be long retired from some antiquated occupation like buggy manufacturing, carpetbagging, or phrenology. I should have put it all together long ago, but I don't live in the Cincy area and I've never heard him on the radio. But I mean, the man has a picture of himself on his blog and everything. I guess I always figured that was someone else, like a mascot or a stock photo found by searching "Reds fan" on Shutterstock.

Anyway, the Big League Stew asked the Egg Man to list the 10 best things about being a Reds fan. It's a strong list, written by a man who loves his Reds and knows a lot about them. The best reason is the Reds two best players, Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips. Also mentioned are the newly developed area around the park, Barry Larkin, and Pete Rose. Check out the whole list. It got me that much more excited about the upcoming season.

Fay ruminates on third base
Basically, everything depends on Scott Rolen remaining healthy. Of course, that's a relative term. A healthy Joey Votto is going to play 160 games. A healthy Scott Rolen will probably top out at 120-130 games. Fortunately, they do have some viable alternatives. Juan Francisco and Todd Frazier are the most likely back ups, and both are perfectly capable of playing quality baseball. Of course, everything here is ifs and buts.

Doug Gray looks at the list of prospects with invitations to Spring Training
and discusses their chances of breaking out with the big league club. It's all a good, informative overview, but here's the snippet about Andrew Brackman:

"The Reds brought Brackman in this offseason on a minor league deal. He has Major League quality stuff, and claims he has figured out his control problems that he struggled with in 2011 in the minors for the Yankees. If the Reds bullpen weren’t stacked, I would suggest that he has a chance to find a spot with a good showing. However, the Reds bullpen is pretty stacked and I think that unless an injury or two happens, he will find his way back to AAA."

Mark Sheldon has his omnibus Spring Training preview
It's got everything you need to know heading into Spring Training, so if you've been away all winter or if you just feel like brushing up, I recommend clicking on through.

The Roy Oswalt sitch just won't resolve
Resolve, damn you! Why won't you resolve! While Walt Jocketty reiterated that he thinks RoyO will end up with the Rangers, Jayson Stark says that ain't gonna happen. At this point, I really don't think he's going to end up in Cincy. But it remains unresolved.

I haven't listened to it yet myself
but Redleg Nation Radio talks to Devin Mesoraco about preparing for his first big league season.

Jay Bruce is featured in a commercial for the new MLB 2K12
with two other lefties, CJ Wilson and David Price. That's kinda neat, huh? All of them are left-handed! I think that's neat! Oh yeah, and some chick.