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Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest: Judgment Day

As you may remember, XFINITY has been conducting a sort of "America's Next Top New Media Sports Journalist," though without the petty squabbles and trumped up, producer-incited infighting of being picked to live in an expensive house together.

Now we're in the second phase of the contest we told you about earlier this year.

Here's the lowdown from XFINITY:

Have you ever watched one of those TV shows where from thousands of hopefuls, one star is born?
Well, Red Reporter readers, here's your chance to play "starmaker" and help pick the new voice
of sports in social media!

XFINITY is looking for the next renowned sports social media star through its Ultimate Sports Social
Media Job contest. The winning candidate will serve as the new voice of XFINITY in the sports social
media space and go behind-the-scenes at some of the biggest sporting events in 2012, sharing exclusive
insights and updates with fans.

From February 9-19, you can review qualified entry videos and vote for the contestant you'd like to see
advance to the finals of the XFINITY Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest. The five entrants with
the most votes will advance to the final round of the contest where they will cover one of five premier
sporting events the weekend of March 8-11. Fans can head today to and click on
the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest tab to vote for your favorite personality (once per day)!

Will you choose the brainiac with the encyclopedia of stats, the former jock who knows the game
inside out, or the corporate type who gets the marketing side of the business? You decide. Vote today

Even though they don't mention another important archetype who could be in the running - animated GIF-luvr who has intimate knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement - it should be interesting to review the entries. And to test a new stereotype I know from personal experience: that a face made for internet sports journalism is close descendant for the "face made for radio." This is your chance to Simon your Cowell. Or who is it now? Richie Sambora?