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Red Reposter: From Winter Meetings to Redsfest

With little-to-nothing accomplished at the winter meetings, the Reds return home to Cincinnati to participate in Redsfest.

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Get your memorabilia ready
Get your memorabilia ready
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Redsfest starts today

This is truly one of the best events this city has to offer. Whether you go with your kids or a couple buddies, there's something for all Reds fans. I won't be able to make it this year, but you should go and share some pics with us.

Cozart and Heisey talk about Redsfest

Over 20,000 fans are expected this weekend at Redsfest.

Fay "On Ludwick's Decision"

More money or stay with the Reds. This is the decision Ryan Ludwick is faced with. Whether he stays in Cincinnati or takes the extra money elsewhere will, in large part, dictate what the Reds do for the rest of the off-season. If Ludwick leaves, the Reds will have one more hole to fill, along with some extra cash to spend. The market seems to be drying up a bit, and a lot of mediocre players are receiving large pay-days. For the sake of simplicity, I sure hope Ludwick chooses to stay.

Drew Stubbs joined Mo Egger this week

I am unapologetic about my support for Drew Stubbs. He's not a leadoff hitter, but his defense and ability on the bases make up for his many offensive flaws. With very few options available at center-field, here's hoping he can have a big rebound year in 2013.

Arroyo doubts Chapman as a starter

Surely there are some questions concerning Aroldis Chapman and his ability to transition to a starting pitcher, but the Reds have to give it a try. Right?

A lot of words about Miguel Cairo and Mark DeRosa

Miggy will be missed in Cincinnati, not necessarily for his ability on the field.