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Red Re-fester: Redsfest Open Thread

Friday, Dec 7: 3:00PM - 10:30PM Saturday, Dec 8: 11:00AM - 6:30PM

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Follow along with @redreporter on Twitter for live tweets from the Duke.

Redsfest opens at 3pm today at the Duke Energy Convention Center - a convention center name that resembles one a robot would give Cameron Indoor Stadium. It's a rollicking two-floor, two-day-event that goes a long way toward making Baseball America's "Organization of the Year" award seem credible.

Joey Votto makes his appearance today as a one-day-er (ditto Todd Frazier). In all, twenty-six of the Reds' 40 man roster will be in attendance. There will also be some top prospects prospecting around, including Hamilton, Corcino and Bob Steve - along with noted alumni and Reds' personalities.

Dmitri Young will be there. Watch for him to hop in Walt Jocketty's autograph line and try to "slip him the contract."

The first event on the Main Stage today, after the Welcome, is "Topps Pack Wars." I don't know what this is, but I hope it doesn't turn into blind, ugly violence.

There is also this: "6:18–6:30 — Harlem Globetrotters." It's a twelve-minute event called "Harlem Globetrotters." I guess maybe they're playing a quarter of basketball? Maybe against a hapless team of ex-Reds, led by Tracy Jones. Speaking of base-ketball, I was hoping Amir Garret would be there to throw a baseball into a basketball hoop. (He isn't).

This really is a great event, from the guest list down to the bargain jersey rack. It's our Lollapalooza/Lillith Fair/Intensity in Ten Cities.

And now it's time to rank the 5 best Redsfest booths, by name of booth:

  1. Dream Room
  2. Human Bowling
  3. Trampoline
  4. (tie) World's Largest Bat, World's Largest Baseball
  5. Bob Evans' Restaurant Reds Heads (Redeem Spirit Hair here!)

Are you going? Send pixx. - xoxo