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Red Reposter: Dusty Speaks, Ludwick and Rolen in Limbo

"What's all this 'Dusty-proof' bullshit I'm hearing about, Walter?"

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Joe Robbins

James Blog: Dusty's Interview at the Winter Meetings

This is just a transcript of Dusty's Media Session on Monday, but there are definitely some head-scratchers in there. As BK pointed out on Twitter, he spends an entire paragraph discussing what you look for in a lead-off hitter, without once mentioning the ability to get on base, which is a bit concerning to say the least. He also alludes to trying Stubbs at lead-off again if Walt can't find a better option, and basically says that he wouldn't mind if Chapman stayed in the bullpen. All of this pretty much confirms that there is a philosophical disconnect between Walt and Dusty, and reaffirms the need to Dusty-proof the roster.

It isn't all bad, though. Dusty says he's feeling much better now after his health scare, he's lost 20 pounds, and isn't hitting the single-malt Scotch as often. On the subject of Chapman starting, Dusty mentions his split-finger being "nasty" and his changeup being "past development." I'm not quite sure if that means they've given up on it or if he's ready to use it. But it does make sense that in the closer role, he wouldn't be using a third or fourth pitch very often when he can blow 100 mph fastballs by batters. Ludwick and Reds Nearing a Deal

Now that the Mariners have signed Jason Bay, the suitors for Ludwick's services seem to be down to the Reds, Mets and Giants. The money being spent on free agent outfielders this winter should give us pause, but if Walt can get him on a two-year deal, I'd be okay with it as long as there is another move in the works for someone to lead off. It sounds like we should hear something concrete soon.

ESPN: Our Todd is an Awesome Todd

A pretty touching video of Todd Frazier touring the post-Sandy devastation and helping out those in need in his hometown of Tom's River, New Jersey. The Reds will be accepting donations this weekend at Redsfest to help out those still recovering from the storm.

Enquirer: Rolen Still Hasn't Made up his Mind

No word yet on whether or not Scotty Ballgame is going to hang 'em up or give it another go in 2013. If he were to rejoin the Reds next year, it would most likely be in a backup role, but if the Reds land Jack Hannahan, he may have to look elsewhere.