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The Real Winter Meetings, Day 2: Fiction is more exciting than truth

This is good sleeping weather!

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The Reds in the Walt Jocketty era aren't big schmoozers. At least judging by the motion sensor at their Winter Meetings' hotel room. Last season, they did nothing. Aside from say they were probably going to take a player in the Rule 5 Draft and then not do it.

And that's OK. If Walt wants to think of the Meetings as four-day sports agent press junket with some decent spreads, that won't stop him from making good moves over the rest of the offseason. It just doesn't give us much to talk about.

The biggest items, as far as I can tell are:

  • The Reds have an offer out to Ryan Ludwick.. It could turn into an agreement today. John Fay guesses the Reds want two years and Ludwick wants at least 3. It looks like there's real momentum here, but I just hope they've at least done due diligence on guys like Choo, Upton or the Royals' offerings. With just a skeleton crew of volunteer front office staff, Red Reporter was able to land Choo. So no excuse.
  • According to Jim Bowden, Dusty Baker would like Chapman back at closer. Of course, it's not really up to Baker. Especially not after the Reds gave Jonathan Broxton 3 years and $21M. We sort of already knew this, but it's one of the less conspicuous reasons bringing back Baker is a mixed bag.
  • The Reds are looking for a lead-off guy. The "top offseason priority" is often just a talking point. But if the Reds want to find a top-of-the-order hitter, their options are thinning. Pagan and Span are off the board. If you assume Walt is basically thinking CF here - especially if they resign Ludwick - then the best (potentially) available guys (sez me) are Fowler, Victorino, Parra and Crisp.

Here's some more good news: Sergio Romero celebrating is no longer the first wire photo that comes up.