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Red Reposter - Sad day in Redsland

In this issue, we mourn the tragedies of Mason Felt and Frank Pastore. Also, stuff about Zack Cozart and Scott Rolen.

Andy Lyons
  • Pitching prospect Mason Felt is still in critical condition
    Felt flipped his truck on Saturday and is listed in critical but stable condition in a Texas hospital. His father did not survive the accident. It looks like Felt could pull through, and for that, we here on the Reposter staff are thankful. But our hearts ache for the Felt family in this time of grief.

  • More sad news in Redsland
    Former Red Frank Pastore has passed away due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in November. He held on for nearly a month before succumbing. It's a sad, sad day in Redsland.

  • Zack Cozart is hoping to improve upon his solid rookie season
    The Reds showed great confidence in him this off-season, moving Billy Hamilton to center field and Didi Gregorius out of town. His greatest achievement, according to him, was earning the respect of his teammates:

    "The coolest thing for me is I think I got the respect of my teammates," Cozart said. "They know I can go out there and help them win -- that was key. As a rookie, you're always trying to prove yourself to your teammates and the fans. I think I did that pretty well and I'm looking forward to getting to Spring Training."

    He still needs to work on some things though, according to Dusty Baker. He names pitch selection, bunting, and hitting with runners in scoring position as areas targeted for improvement. Curiously, he doesn't mention Cozart's icky .288 on-base percentage.

  • andromache gets all up ons the lineup construction haps
    With Shin-Soo Choo now in the fold, it should be much, much easier for Dusty to fill out his lineup card. He had a tough time of it last season, as injuries and ineptitude forced him to jumble the lineup into numerous iterations. His most popular lineup was only used seven times, illustrating just how volatile the whole thing was.

    But with Choo slotting into the lead-off spot, things should (ideally) settle down a good bit. andro proposes a lineup of Choo, BP, Votto, Frazier, Bruce, Ludwick, Cozart, Hanigan, pitcher, which looks pretty good to me. I think I would prefer to flip Frazier and Ludwick, and I think Dusty would, too. As she shows, it should produce many more runs than last year's lineup. Rawk.

  • Blog Red Machine wonders where Scott Rolen might fit on the roster if he were to return
    The roster seems pretty well set already and we're still a week before Christmas. Rolen seems interested in perhaps coming back, and Walt Jocketty has said he's open to it. But the bench is basically set, with Xavier Paul, Chris Heisey, Jack Hannahan, Jason Donald, and Devin Mesoraco.

    Paul and Donald seem the most expendable, but Rolen doesn't replace either one all that well. Paul is left-handed and plays the outfield, so he's likely not going anyway. Personally, I think Donald is the most susceptible. He's far more versatile defensively than Rolen, but I think he could pass through waivers without anyone claiming him. He is the backup shortstop right now, but honestly I think Hannahan can handle the position just as well - if not better - than Donald. It all depends on how the Reds see things. If they think Donald is the backup shortstop and they need him to be, then he stays. If they think Hannahan can hannahandle it, then I would be just fine replacing Donald with Rolen.