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Red Reposter: Waiting for spring

I know it's Christmas Time. I like Christmas Time. But I'm reaching for the fast forward button.

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Reds 2012 draft pick Mason Felt is in critical condition and his father is dead after a car accident
Tragic news from Texas. A report in the San Angelo Standard-Times was confirmed by the Reds. 2012 5th round pick Mason Felt was involved in a one car accident outside of Ozona, TX. His father was killed in the crash. Felt was reported to be in critical, but stable condition. Felt is a left-handed pitcher from Hoschton, GA and was drafted out of high school this June. I don't have anything useful to say, just a heart that keeps getting heavier. Only the best wishes and thoughts for the Felt family.

Frazier follows Bruce to the wedding chapel
A Google search for "Jay Bruce wedding" doesn't yield any photos (I didn't scroll down), though it does have a Red Reporter post at #4 and some sports tabloid trash about a $150 trash can on his wedding registry. Bruce was married about a month a go, and now Frazier has gone legit too. It's been a dark winter, but Frazier, as usual, sheds a little light.

Red Hot Mama is looking forward to spring training
Who could blame her? With the World Baseball Classic messing everything around, pitchers and catchers report (on or around) February 10, which is the earliest date in possibly ever. That's just 55 days away. Keep scratching those hash marks.

Mark Sheldon returns to find his inbox full
The Reds basically did their entire off season while Mark was getting a refill of Cherry Coke.

Redleg Nation: Reds #2 in Power Rankings
I don't really like Power Rankings, but I do really like rankings. So I guess I like Power Rankings. The Reds should be #1.

C-ing Reds takes a look at the namestack after the Choo deal
Possibly the most enjoyable part of this trade, which was designed to fix the lead off spot, has been writing out the new lineup. Tara/andro estimates a semi-optimal lineup with Choo leading off could net around 40 runs. Conservatively, we could call that 2-3 wins. The other question, of course, is how many runs you lose by having Choo play CF. I still don't think Choo should be playing CF over Jay, but I'm pretty confident the Reds get at least a win through this trade along with proper use of defensive replacements and upgrade to the bench.